NFL Thoughts-Week 3

>> Monday

Forget all of the emotional aspects of the game, the New Orleans Saints were by far the better football team tonight. Honestly, I don't think it's a total aberration either, as I have never been sold on the Falcons and Mr. Mexico.

That feign begging sound I'm hearing from New England would be Tom Brady pleading for an actual pass catcher that doesn't line up with the big uglies.

Between Jake Plummer and Javon Walker's performances, the humble abode on Highland must have been one pissed off house.

At this time, I would like to take back last week's sentiments about Eli Manning.

It may have started a bit later than normal, but the curse of the losing Super Bowl team has begun with Shaun Alexander breaking his foot.

Kurt Warner, we hardly knew ye.

After a tough loss last weekend, the Rams took a big step with a road win in the Cards new stadium.

If the Ravens sneak into the playoffs, this week will be a huge focal point.

Even with the heartbreaking loss, the emergence of Frye, Edwards and Winslow give Browns fans legitimate hope for the first time since Tim Couch briefly looked like an NFL quarterback.

The other half of Super Bowl XL may have dug themselves too big of a hole to climb out of. Big Ben really wishes 2006 ended in February.

While they make the Raiders look like saints off the field, the Bengals sure have kicked ass on it so far. Also, Carson Palmer will be the coverboy for the 2007 yearbook of modern medical science.

The NFL has already erased all evidence that the Miami-Tennessee game existed.

Chris Simms, we tip the collective dirty hats of the YCS staff to you.

What's it with these kickers cheating Father Time like this? Seriously, I think John Kasay made game winning kicks in the first edition of Madden.

Even as Peyton Manning's biggest fan in Illinois, I still believe the Jaguars to be the best team in the AFC South.

It's nice to see Da Bears winning a game they had no business in doing so.

Well Detroit, at least you still have baseball season in your city.

Congrats to the Houston Texans for their humanitarian efforts in boosting the self esteem of senior citizens like that.


Gavin 12:22 AM  

I think we can attribute Shaun Alexander's injury to th dreadful "Madden Curse" and nothing else! lol. that what we will be hearing for the rest of the week on ESPN... lol

Patrick 7:49 AM  

Wow, from Alexander plain' like shit to Larry Johnson forgetting how to run ... fantasy owners are probably ready to jump off a bridge

Patrick 9:45 AM  

What is the over/under on the # of picks Leinart has in his first game...I say it starts with 2

Mike 2:13 PM  

I'll say he stands to throw as many INTs as he has illegitimate offspring, provided that we know the location of all of Leinart's love children.

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Nathan 10:58 AM  

LJ ran for over 120 yards in his second game with nine guys in the box, and added about 60 receiving yards. I ain't worried about him yet.

As far as Alexander, this is what they get for pretending like the loss of Hutchinson wouldn't be a big deal.

Patrick 1:28 PM  

I don't know if it is the loss of hutchinson as much as his desire. Alexander isn't breaking any tackles and prett much has looked awful

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