Umm... Michael Vick is still a bad guy

>> Tuesday

Received this in an e-mail. Unfortunately, I have no idea who wrote it so I can't give credit. Obviously, I'm not taking it either...

I don’t understand why everyone is patting Michael Vick on the ass and calling it an amazing success story.

The dude killed and tortured a bunch of dogs for his own leisure.

If you’re not a star quarterback in the NFL, they call people like that “fucking psychopaths.”

Sorry, but it just annoys me that anyone would buy into Vick’s PR campaign or his “amazing comeback” and would now laud him as someone to look up to for inspiration.

The dude executed dogs because they didn’t kill other dogs and lost him money. He personally killed defenseless animals. What a fucking asshole.

Am I the only human being alive who seems to think that performing well at competitive sports isn’t that important compared to, say, being compassionate to other living things and not raping college chicks?

Ben Rothelwhatever and Michael Vick shouldn’t be allowed to be put on a pedestal where young children can look up to them and call them heroes, solely because they can throw a football well.

All professional sports leagues should take a closer look at their moral standards as to who they allow to work for them. If these leagues want to sell themselves based on heroes and role models, they shouldn’t allow people with such tainted pasts to put themselves in a position to become such.

Also, I’d like to point out that while I am most certainly not a vegetarian, there is certainly a difference between killing animals for the hell of it, and killing animals for food.

Mike Vick can donate as much money as he wants to animal shelters. He gets paid enough, and by the way, most of his charitable work is court ordered. He’s still an asshole.


Week 10 Picks

>> Sunday

(Home team in CAPS)

INDIANAPOLIS (-7) over Cincinnati- Not at Indy do I think the Bengals stay close.
Houstion (+1) over JACKSONVILLE- Both teams frustrate, so the Texans naturally win.
Tennessee (PK) over MIAMI- Titans are better and Chad Pennington won't help.
Minnesota (-1.5) over CHICAGO- Bears aren't that good. Vikings aren't that bad.
BUFFALO (-1.5) over Detroit- Best chance for the Bills to finally get a win.
CLEVELAND (+3) over Jets- Have bought into the Colt McCoy Era.
TAMPA BAY (-7) over Carolina- The Panthers are really bad.
Kansas City (-1.5) over DENVER- Dangerous for the Chiefs if they don't win.
St. Louis (+6) over SAN FRANCISCO- Can't give that much with the Niners, and Rams are good.
ARIZONA (-4) over Seattle- Road game for Seahawks. Another pathetic NFC West game.
Dallas (+14) over GIANTS- Don't think it's a blowout. Cowboys will play hard.
New England (+4.5) over PITTSBURGH- Winner is team to beat in AFC.
WASHINGTON (+3) over Philadelphia- Sneaky feeling that McNabb plays well tomorrow.

This week: 1-0
Last Week: 8-4-1
Season: 75-51-5


On the NFL's illegal hit problem

>> Thursday

Day after day another NFL defensive player is fined for what the league’s new mantra has deemed an “illegal hit.” Growing frustration is mounting among writers, fans and players as it’s becoming clearer that there is no definitive line between a clean hit and a dangerous one.

The NFL wants you to believe that safety is its top priority and that these radical rule changes and dozens of fines will make a difference in the wellbeing of the players. While the absurd player comments (See: Harrison, James) and media lashings are plentiful, we’re missing the underlying reason of the new rules: the all-mighty dollar.

Defensive players come and go throughout the league. The skill positions are where the money is made. With increased awareness on concussion recovery, the NFL loses its marquee players for games at a time. We’ve seen concussions cut prolific careers short, including Hall of Famer Troy Aikman.

There is obviously nothing wrong with greater concern and treatment for post-concussion symptoms, but changing the way the game is played is not the way out of this mess. Athletes are getting bigger, faster and stronger every season. As the ability to inflict pain increases, our spinal structure and tolerance for hits doesn’t grow. This is the reason for more concussions and injuries, not dirty hits.

What the NFL is doing wrong however is placing the blame on players for their unique physical gifts. These are the same guys who have been taught their entire lives to ‘jack someone up.’ Now it’s time to reprogram their brains to play a new way?

Roger Goodell is not protecting the safety of his players as much as he’s protecting his prize investments. Major injuries to star quarterbacks, running backs or receivers are a financial blow to both the teams they play for and the league. Outside of the Jackson residence, no one in Minnesota is wearing a No. 7 jersey on Sundays. Local fans don’t buy tickets and casual fans don’t turn on Monday Night Football to watch Tavaris Jackson.

Go on YouTube and Marlon Pryor’s hit on Brett Favre last Sunday. Until the moment he struck Favre, he is being blocked – then held – by Steve Hutchinson. At no time did he have time to stop, think about the direction his helmet would land on Favre and put a “legal hit” on the ol’ gunslinger. Regardless if the hit was legal or not by the new standards, Pryor was simply doing his job like he would on any other play.

Therein lays the problem with the new system. We’re penalizing players for playing hard, for playing the way they’ve been taught since they were 12 years old.

That’s not going to fix the problem, Mr. Goodell. It’s only going to make them hit harder next time.


Hey, the Knicks are good again...

>> Monday

There is legitimacy in New York basketball again. I can’t even hide the thesis. I am just so excited for this season. It has been almost a decade since New York fans can be excited about their New York Knickerbockers. The media is buying into this team and people actually care. It’s only been a week and a half into the season and the change is so immense.

I wish basketball cities like Boston, Chicago, LA, and the entire state of Texas could see what a difference has been made. I understand people question Donnie Walsh’s moves and draft picks, but for the first time in years, there is harmony in the basketball capital of the world. Isiah Thomas is gone, even though Jimmy effin Dolan is trying to bring him back (I will get to this later), but his reign and terrible collaboration of players is over.

This past Thursday was the first time the Knicks have been on TNT since November 29, 2007 where they were embarrassed in Boston by a score of 104-59, but the Knicks shot the lights out to beat a good Chicago team in enemy territory. Let’s look at this further though.

Under IT’s (Isiah Thomas) control, here is the starting lineup on that horrible TNT night:

1.Stephon Marbury
2.Jamal Crawford
3.Quentin Richardson
4.Zach Randolph
5.Eddy Curry

Quite the team of winners…

Here is the starting lineup, Donnie Walsh set up this past Thursday:

1.Raymond Felton
2.Landry Fields
3.Danilo Galinari
4.Amare Stoudemire
5.Timofey Mozgov

Now, I understand the argument that these guys haven’t been tested and proven yet, and everyone is absolutely right, but no one can dispute the difference of the lineup setup, attitude, and perspective of this team is. Amare loves the spotlight, I couldn’t stand this signing went it first happened. How could I? A 6′ 10” Power Forward who could only dunk and play little to no defense. A guy who played with arguably the best point guard in the league for his entire career. There was little to like about it. However, he has embraced it, making New York his home and loving every second of it. The people here live on that , that’s why we loved Ewing, Starks, and Oakley They loved playing in the greatest sports arena in the world. They fed off of it. Amare is no different. You can feel it, even watching through the television, and I have not felt this since I was in high school. It’s a superb feeling.

Raymond Felton looks to be in shape and ready to lead New York on a game-to-game basis. Galinari, Fields, and Mozgov illustrate the potential to be great support players and developing into trustworthy teammates. Toney Douglas is a real threat coming of the bench. Anthony Randolph will impact the boards and defense once he is healthy. The team is set to improve in all of the right areas and Mike D’Antoni has finally something to work with. The pieces are set and then… Jimmy Dolan wants to bring back Isiah Thomas.

Let’s place the positives for this…there are none. Dolan is a respected owner and loves to keep his word. He didn’t want to fire IT before, he had to or New York would have burned down MSG out of disgust. Dolan likes IT, in fact, he loves him. He honestly believes he is the right man for the job. 5 million people think otherwise, but that’s not stopping him from considering bringing the destruction of Knickerbocker basketball back to the President of Operations. It breaks my heart, but according to Isiah in an interview conducted by Michael Kay of ESPN Radio, he does not want to come back. Thank God. I am starting to enjoy watching MSG again.

Only time will tell though…


Picking Week 9

>> Friday

Buffalo (+3) over Chicago- Game in Toronto. Still see Cutler throwing INT's. It's like breathing.

HOUSTON (+3) over San Diego- Close pick, but with no Gates and Johnson playing, go Texans.

New Orleans (-7) over CAROLINA- Probably at my peril, but I hope the Saints play consistent.

MINNESOTA (-8) over Arizona- I know I shouldn't take them, but I don't trust the Cards, go with Peterson to run.

Tampa Bay (+10) over ATLANTA- Falcons might win, but the Bucs will keep it close. Don't give Josh Freeman a chance to win late.

DETROIT (+6) over Jets- Have to go with the Lions when Gus Johnson is announcing.
Miami (+5) over BALTIMORE- Don't trust the Ravens and love the Dolphins on the road.

CLEVELAND (+5.5) over New England- Trap game for the Pats and the Browns have covered a lot this year.

Giants (-7.5) over SEATTLE- The Seahawks have no O-line against the Giants pass rush. Don't make me regret this G-Men.

Kansas City (-1) over OAKLAND- Show me you can show up in a big game Raiders and then I'll take you seriously.

Indianapolis (+3) over PHILADELPHIA- I'm sure Andy Reid's 11-0 record after byes is a great stat, but you lost me when I saw I was getting three with Peyton Manning.

GREEN BAY (-7.5) over Dallas- The final nail in the Dallas coffin, if not here, the Giants will have the chance.

Pittsburgh (-5) over CINCINNATI- I'd be shocked if Carson Palmer plays mediocre. This game will push Palmer to his exit since everyone will watch him stink the joint.


Dan's NFL Power Rankings Week 9

>> Wednesday

1. New England (6-1)
2. NY Jets (5-2)
3. Pittsburgh (5-2)
4. Baltimore (5-2)
5. Indianapolis (5-2)
6. NY Giants (5-2)
7. New Orleans (5-3)
8. Green Bay (5-3)
9. Atlanta (5-2)
10. Kansas City (5-2)
11. Miami (4-3)
12. Houston (4-3)
13. Tennessee (5-3)
14. Tampa Bay (5-2)
15. Philadelphia (4-3)
16. San Diego (3-5)
17. St. Louis (4-4)
18. Jacksonville (4-4)
19. Washington (4-4)
20. Seattle (4-3)
21. Chicago (4-3)
22. Oakland (4-4)
23. Minnesota (2-5)
24. Detroit (2-5)
25. Cincinnati (2-5)
26. Cleveland (2-5)
27. San Francisco (2-6)
28. Arizona (3-4)
29. Denver (2-6)
30. Dallas (1-6)
31. Carolina (1-6)
32. Buffalo (0-7)

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