Other Rematches We'd Like to See

>> Wednesday

The offer for a rematch game of 21 between Michael Jordan and Byron Scott got me thinking, what other rematches could be arranged for a worthy cause (or windfall profit)?

Luis Castillo vs. Moises Alou in a game of Pepper

David Tyree and Rodney Harrison playing 500.

Leon Lett vs. Don Beebe in a game of keepaway

Come on YCS Nation! How else can you make us....err....charity some money?


Comes with 15 free hours of Prodigy

>> Monday

People still use mouse pads?

I think the Cubs need John McDonough back.


A Little Cameo

>> Sunday

So on a quiet Sunday night (which I badly need after last night) I am listening to local sports talk radio and we have quite the doozy from your typical uninformed, stereotypical host:

I'm sure stat people can find something about Scott Podsednik that calls him average, but then again they probably could say something about Ichiro. Not that I'm comparing Podsednik to Ichiro or anything.

Even in this renaissance (read fluke) season for old Scotty Pods, he has an OPS+ of 93, below the league standard of 100 (which is a pretty basic stat that even the ESPN types have started to use in their analysis). Even though I think Ichiro is a bit overrated since he hates taking walks or hitting for any kind of power, he still has an OPS+ of 129 this season and 118 for his career (whereas Podsednik has a career OPS+ of 86 and only one reason of an OPS+ of 100 or better). Not to mention the fact that Ichiro is light years better as an outfielder and a bit better base runner (though both guys get caught on stolen bases way too often).

Basically, I am not saying that Podsednik is an average player. He has (save his rookie year) and always will be a below average player that brings nothing to a team but a lot of smoke and mirrors and I hope White Sox management lets another team overpay for the flash of a fast, yet dumb base runner that cannot play the outfield.


It would be a first

>> Wednesday

As YCS's lone MLS geek, with 6-8 games left in the season, the playoff push is well underway. Unfortunately, poor analysis still reigns. Speaking on MLSnet.com's "Extra Time" show, former New York Cosmos goalkeeper and chewing tobacco spokesman Shep Messing said of a potential Chicago-New England first-round playoff matchup.

"New England would salivate if that's the matchup they end up with because they have that history, they've had the ability to upset Chicago; on the field and off the field, so that would be dynamic."

Now, while Chicago and New England have one of the fiercest rivalries in the league, and have met in the MLS Cup Playoffs more times than any other matchup (7 times), the team that finished with the better regular season record won every series. So despite the frequency of meetings, and despite what Shep Messing thinks, neither team has any history of upsetting the other.

2000: #2 Chicago defeats #7 New England
2002: #2 New England defeats #7 Chicago
2003: East #1 Chicago defeats East #2 New England
2005: East #1 New England defeats East #3 Chicago
2006: East #2 New England defeats East #3 Chicago
2007: East #2 New England defeats East #4 Chicago
2008: East #2 Chicago defeats East #3 New England

In addition, Chicago leads the 2009 season series 1-0-1 with a draw at Toyota Park and a win at Foxboro in the Superliga Semifinals.

Chicago won the 2008 season series 4-0-1, a mark that included 3-0, 4-0, and 3-0 routs.

Off the field? I cannot think of one signing where New England beat out Chicago. Even more strangely, I cannot think of one player who has suited up for both teams. So I'm not sure what Shep means by that either.

Gratuitous video that makes me smile.

Fuck you Greg Lalas you revvie bastard.



>> Tuesday

Congratulations, Kansas City! Not only do you have the lowest-paying tech sector in the nation, but your city's defining image is... Larry Johnson. Pret-ty lame, Milhouse.

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