NFL Power Rankings

>> Wednesday

It truly is the best time of the year, particularly for single, degenerate gamblers like myself. Between the NFL, college football betting and even MLB betting sites taking my action, I’ll be like a kid in a candy story come Sunday.

So how’s the season going to play out?

Here’s my preseason rankings:

1) Green Bay -> They won’t go undefeated, but a 14-win regular season seems pretty much in the bag. If you’re not into taking gambles, this is the time to go with.

2) NY Giants -> Everyone forgets about the Giants even though they’re approaching dynasty mode. 12 or 13 wins is a lock.

3) New England -> The AFC is a disaster this year, but the Pats will at least score a ton of points. And hey, someone has to make the Super Bowl.

4) New Orleans -> We’ll see how important coaches are this season. I still love the Saints.

5) Philadelphia -> Most underachieving team of the last 15 years has another chance this year. Vick must stay healthy.

6) Atlanta -> The Falcons should make the jump this year. With White and Jones, they have by far the two best wideouts in the league and Ryan is generally pretty consistent.

7) Detroit -> The bandwagon pick of the year… and with good reason. I’m predicting a Super Bowl for the Lions this year.

8) San Francisco -> They really could have used Peyton Manning, but the defense is best in the league.

9) Baltimore -> If the Pats don’t make the Super Bowl, the Ravens will.

10) Dallas -> Another let down team last year, but if they just put it all together, they can contend.         

11) Chicago -> Da Bears flopped after Matt Forte’s injury, but he’s healthy and the team’s offense should be explosive.

12) Miami -> Reggie Bush will be the best non-quarterback in fantasy this year.

13) Seattle -> Love the defense, love the home field advantage. Hate the coach.

14) Pittsburgh -> The Steelers are losing it, but they’re always a threat.

15) Houston -> Last year was this team’s best shot to win everything. Solid playoff contender though.

16) NY Jets -> It’s time for Rex Ryan to get moving.

17) San Diego -> See Philadelphia.

18) Washington -> I love RG3. The Skins will stink this year, but they’re getting better.

19) Tampa Bay -> I have a feeling about this team. Could be much better.

20) Oakland -> I predict a letdown.

21) Tennessee -> Chris Johnson could change everything if he has a season like he had two or three years ago.

22) Carolina -> Cam is the man, but I don’t like his other weapons. Stewart and Williams are flops.

23) Kansas City -> For my fantasy hopes, please keep Jamal healthy.

24) Denver -> The Peyton Manning era begins, but I don’t love this team.

25) Buffalo -> They’ll score points, but they play no defense.

26) Cincinnati -> When you get this far down the list, all the teams seem the same.

27) Cleveland -> Looks like another pitiful year for the Browns.

28) Arizona -> Another year without a quarterback.

29) Minnesota -> Not sure Ponder is the answer and Peterson’s injury history scares me.

30) St. Louis -> See Arizona         

31) Jacksonville                 -> Love MJD, hate everyone else.

32) Indy -> Andrew Luck will need plenty to win more than 3 games this year.


Sunday Preview

>> Thursday

Work this week didn't allow me to write up a Saturday preview (except for my Twitter thoughts), but here are my thoughts on the Saturday in football.

-If the Texans can play in Baltimore the way they played yesterday, they can beat the Ravens. Meaning they run well with Arian Foster and Ben Tate and if Andre Johnson can make a difference like he did on the TD pass. I know their defense will show up, but I expect a tougher time for young T.J. Yates on the road.

-I'd have a whole lot more confidence in the Bengals future if Mike Brown wasn't the man to decide on how to improve it. It's a lot to ask Andy Dalton to win his first road playoff game.

-Detroit is also on the right path, just need a running game and a better secondary. Now, any secondary can look bad against the Saints in New Orleans, but a running game would have kept the ball in the Lions' hands for more of the game. I would click here for the TopBet online sportsbook and place a bet.

-As for the Saints, what else is there to say about their offense. I really can't wait until they play San Francisco; great offense against great defense. Also curious how the Niners play in their first playoff game since Steve Mariucci's last game as coach.

Now onto today's games, one of which I will be attending. That's right, I'll be at MetLife Stadium for Giants-Falcons. Though I can be biased when the Giants are involved, I do think they win today 27-20 because the outdoors will hurt Atlanta, plus the Giants have their pass rush back, and not just Jason Pierre-Paul.

As for the late game, my first thought was no way can the Broncos beat the Steelers after the game they played against Kansas City and after losing their last 3 games. Over the past week, I've seen some people go the other way, with the worry being the Steelers who are hurt and those who are banged up. Also, too much is being made about the fact that 8-8 or worse teams playing home playoff games have done well recently. I expect some turnovers by Tebow and the Broncos and a couple play made by Ben Roethlisberger will be the difference. Steelers will win 20-3.

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