YCS in 2007: A Retrospective, Part II

>> Tuesday

Part I

Moving onto July...

So you wanted to play in a city with more Chinamen? Too bad, Yi, you're playing in Milwaukee... despite ESPN's wishes.

Carlos Zambrano and Chris Young campaign dirty for the final All-Star spot.

Paul joins the team and examines the A-Rod's chances to crack 800 career homers. ...Then he decided to watch some pro wrestling.

What are you saving that closer for?

Pedro Gomez's never-ending assignment finally brought him over the edge. (P.S.: We got word from a seemingly reputable source that Pedro Gomez himself read and loved this piece. Take that, Busted Coverage.)

Think Bonds's homerun record is tainted? We found the solution. Of course, you could also just get over it and take it for what it is.

Old NBA stars without rings keep talking comeback. But where's the accomplishment in that? And speaking of which, here's where some of them live.

Shhh.... Michael Vick never existed!

Was Tom Glavine the last ever 300-game winner? Doubtfully.

Is it Tony LaRussa or just dumb luck?

Another preachy baseball editorial from the school of Bergl-Bechtel.

In the wake of Beckham's first season, Mike analyzes what went wrong.

Everyone had something to say about Spygate... including Nate.

Who's the best beer-league softball team in the MLB? It's Ray's, of course.

The story that gets me super upset for no good reason.

Bill Wirtz dies; Mike rejoices.

The morning Donovan McNabb wanted to replace his offensive line with children.

At long last, the NL Central race ends, leaving some of us happy, some of us sad, and some of us torn.

God sent Mike an early omen that it would not be the Cubs' year.

The question on everyone's mind this year: What famous athletes are Jewish?

The long-suffering Rockies fans were left to ask, "When will it be our year?"

Pat rolls out his new regular feature. ...And I roll out another one of my lame theories.

Honestly, though, who are we to analyze Andy Reid's personal life?

We get it! Boston teams are good!

The 2010 World Cup draws might renew some old political hostilities.

A post on the BCS... and another... and another.

Should high school players be able to go straight to the NBA?

I don't care what anyone says: Vince Young sucks.

Are the Chicago Cubs moving?

You can tell a lot by the way a man signs his checks.

The fallout from the Mitchell Report was worse than most expected.

Well, that does it for 2007. We promise better in 2008. Actually, that's not true. There's a good chance this blog gets much, much worse in the coming year.


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