Cubs Announce Plans to Tear Down Wrigley Field

>> Tuesday

And in its place?

The Fuck You Dome.


Vinnie 10:55 PM  

Ma just told about this signing. Score, baby!

(And fuck you... dome.)

Vinnie 11:04 PM  

By the way, will the FuckYouDome retain the ivy and manual scoreboard? They have landmark status, you know.

Patrick 11:05 PM  

Yeah fantastic, 12-14 million a year for a guy that barely hit above .300 in Japan...

This will be a huge mistake unless this guy becomes the next Ichiro...and knowing the Cubs that likely will not happen

Matt 9:09 AM  

Actually, this is a pretty solid signing for the Cubs. Not sure how well his power will translate to MLB, but he's a really good OBP guy, which the Cubbies desperately need. The big downside, as I see it, is that it signifies the end of the line for Matt Murton, who never really got a shot. I think he could have been as good as a player like Corey Hart if given the same opportunity.

Also, for anyone interested, I heard on the radio that the correct pronunciation is:

Kos-KAY Fu-ku-doh-may.

Better known as: the Fuck You Dome.

Patrick 10:15 AM  

I can live with his signing, but I just don't think his game is suitable for baseball in America. I just think that if the Cubs were willing to shell out that kind of money, I would have rather seen Aaron Rowand in center instead.

As for Murton, he could still earn a spot on the roster. They don't have anyone completely penciled in in the other OF areas. They will probably start the season with Pie in center, but Murton could easily fill that other OF position. I hope he does b/c he has a very good arm and a very good OBP.

I also hear the Cubs will resign Mark Prior. I am actually for this if they get him relatively cheap. The upside for Prior is much better than any other SP on the market (except for Santana of course). Dr. Andrews apparently fixed the shoulder (which I believe was the result of the collision with Giles in 03) and he will be ready to go by the end of May.

Matt 11:36 AM  

Pat, I have to call bullshit on this. Rowand will be vastly overpaid and is at best an average center fielder with a fringe plus bat. Plus, he's going to get a long contract, and you don't want that on the books for long.

As far as Fukudome not being a good American player - I'll take my chances. His career line in Japan is .305/.397/.543. Those are ridiculously good numbers, and although you'll probably expect him to slip a bit, he's still a good bet to be a really good player. And 12-14 mil per year isn't that bad of a commitment for a team like the Cubs, especially given the ridiculous contracts some players are getting this off-season.

Trust me, this guy will probably be more Ichiro than Hideki Irabu.

Vinnie 1:09 PM  

I like this signing too because, yes, Rowand will get crazily overpaid and get a long contract. If they could've swung something with Andruw Jones like the Dodgers (short commitment), that would've been fine. But I'm very glad they didn't go reaching for Rowand or Hunter.

I've heard Murton's name thrown around in trade rumors, which may not be a bad idea. He's still looked at as a guy with a good future when he gets his chance, but I'm not sure how long that value will stick if he spends much more time getting sparse playing time in the Cubs outfield.

As for Prior, they absolutely should and must sign him. He was just too damn good when he was healthy to not see this thing through. And why the hell not? They've stuck with him this long, and after the signing binge last winter, I think they almost owe it to him.

If you were willing to take a chance on Jason Marquis (for what looked like way too much money at the time), I think you should do the same with Prior, a man capable of brilliance.

Patrick 5:33 PM  

Apparently, Fukudome was going to play for the White Sox because they offered him more money, but then he heard that Hawk Harrelson would call him 1 Dog...hence...the Fuck You Dome is on the North Side

Matt 5:59 PM  

Haha, I am appalled that Hawk Harrelson would sully the reputation of one of the lamest nicknames in sports history by throwing it around so willy-nilly.

One dog is not to be used lightly.

Patrick 10:23 PM  

Here's a hilarious clip of Fukudome smacking a homer....

What the hell was Hawk Harrelson doing in Japan???

Patrick 10:25 PM  

And here's a clip for all you guys that love Tuffy Rhodes....

"What a hitter!"

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