YCS in 2007: A Retrospective (i.e. a bunch of links to our own posts), Part I

>> Monday

Ah, 2007. What a year it's been for us at YCS. We sure have come a long way. No, wait--That's a complete lie. In fact, we've regressed quite a bit--slippage in our readership, sporadic and uninspired posts, further reliance on links and Youtube videos to cover our laziness...

But hell, it just wouldn't be New Years Eve without a bunch of indulgent, rehash crap, and since we're such suckers for tradition, I thought we should revisit some of the highlights of this blog over the past year.

We started 2007 with a bang. Mike's post "The Joy of Becks" instantly became our most commented-on post to date (with all of 26 comments, which is pretty sad since comments sections on legitimate blogs sometimes become like blogs unto themselves, but hey, we'll take what we can get).

The NFL playoffs were a fun time, as we were witness to the unfaltering heroics of Tom Brady. And as part of our short-lived attempt to launch a multi-meida website (something which, in retrospect, we'd have been too lazy to maintain), I made my first foray into the recording arts with this frighteningly prophetic parody of the "Super Bowl Shuffle" (see third-to-last line), which was roundly praised by critics everywhere. (Audio now only available by email request.)

From music, it was onto complex process flow diagrams, as we had a little fun with the NFL coaching carousel.

After that, it was hoops season, which brought us some quality Zuch rants re: bad selection criteria for the NCAA Tourney, and ultimately, the blatant favortism shown by the selection committee in picking the '07 field. Then, of course, it was time to fill out those office pool brackets.

As late March rolled around, Nate began to contemplate how he could exploit his unborn son. Then he wrote filthy limericks about Pokey Chatman, making us all wonder whether he was fit for fatherhood.

Then in one of our proudest moments, we actually broke a scoop! ...Too bad it wasn't true.

Famous person encounter #1: Pat meets former Cubs president Andy McPhail.

And we know music too!

...And more artwork!

Famous person encounter #2: Kirk Hinrich likes sandwiches!

Finally, spring came, and that meant fun at the ol' ballpark... And you can't have fun at the ol' ballpark without a twelve-person beer bong and public urination.

When Dan Shaughnessy went on the offensive against bloggers, everyone, including us, responded.

A golf post? Golf?!

No one was more upset about the Don Imus / Rutgers basketball controversy than Matt.

In mid-April, Zuch shocked the sports world when he declared for the NBA Draft.

By early May, Danny's heart was aflutter with fond remembrances of New York Rangers glory days.

Turns out this post was a touch off-base, but it was the launching point of our email correspondence with Keith Law, the fine ESPN baseball writer, whom Matt and I turn to when we need someone to tell us what to think about a baseball topic.

Also scoring 26 comments was this post by Nate, one of the seemingly hundreds he's written on why he hates Steve Nash.

The Trail Blazers hope that Greg Oden will someday exhibit the heart shown by the ping pong ball that landed him in Portland.

Matt was lucky enough to walk the hallowed grounds of one of baseball's most storied ballparks. As was Mike.

At long last, YCS (more specifically, Nate) welcomes its first child into the world.

In case you didn't already know the incredible bias of Hawk Harrelson...

The rivalry that nearly sent us to war.

How did your team do in the '07 NBA Draft? Let's call it a C.

That wraps up January to June. Stay tuned for the other six months! (Ten bucks says I don't remember to do it!)


Patrick 9:03 PM  

Hahaha, if on McFail would have told me about his passion to lead the Orioles into the cellar for another 10 years

Matt 12:02 PM  

I guarantee you don't remember to do the other 6 months, but salute you for doing the first six because I had the same idea but was far too lazy.

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