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Before tonight, I'd heard a lot about what a terrible play-by-play man Bryant Gumble is. (And I'm still confused why a news man is doing PBP, but whatever.)

Well, I just got my first taste. Just now after a Robbie Gould 48-yard field goal attempt fell at about the 5 yardline, he said, "It may have been blocked, but I'm not sure."

To which I say, yes, it was blocked. Quite clearly. And I'm sure. Robbie Gould is not a child. He can kick the ball more than 40 yards. I have seen it. Many times.

Strike one, Gumble.


Paul 11:17 PM  

Worst play-by-play announcer ever. Five worst things that Bryant said tonight:

1.) "Now we have a couple of yo-yo's on the field" - After some fans ran onto the field in the 1st quarter.

2.) Repeated use of the phrases "scoring opportunity" and "I think" - Isn't every play in football technically a "scoring opportunity"? And why not use more acceptable phrases like "it appears that" or "it looks like" instead of "That was Ogunleye on the recovery... I think." I know it's a little nitpicky, but these phrases just sound so stupid.

3.) "Doo dee doo doo, doo dee doo doo" (to the tune of "Twilight Zone") - After he and Collinsworth were discussing the college and professional connections/degrees of separation of players for the Bears and Redskins.

4.) "My bad" - After Suisham's first field goal. Gumble originally said the kick was good. Then, he corrects himself and says, "The kick was no good. My bad." He's so inconsistent. Sometimes he's way too stuffy, but then he slips into this very awkwardly casual announcing style that seems really dorky, insincere, and bizarre.

5.) General blandness... there's no specific quote for #5. I know the game was a little boring at points, but come on... When a team converts a 3-and-long, scores a touchdown, or picks off a throw and returns it for 50 yards, you can show emotion or excitement. He's such a reporter.

Anonymous,  11:21 PM  

The man did not take a breath. I have never heard a PBP man ramble to the degree that he did tonight.

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