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Right off the bat, let me disclose that this is an expansion of Kevin Blackistone's comments on Around the Horn this afternoon.

Blackistone made a 30-second argument against forcing high school studs to play at least one year in college. I had not heard a convincing argument for this point until today. The most Blackistone could get out in 30 seconds was that we are 'wasting' scholarships on one-year players. Without sufficient time to explain himself, I think his argument was not accepted by the other "experts." But KB, I gotch'ya. In those 30 seconds you flipped me from one side of the debate to the other. Let me explain what I think he was trying to get at...

One-year freshman like Oden, Durant, Rose and Mayo are definitely better for the game of basketball, but they're not better for college basketball. No matter how much we let academics fall by the wayside, these are still student-athletes. Colleges' first concern should be education; athletic entertainment should be secondary at best.

So imagine a world where players are not forced to go to college for at least a year (the same world where Saddam Hussein is still alive and Al Gore was still just a former veep). Are there magically going to be other super-talented players to step in, go to college for one year, and go to the NBA? Of course not. If you take away the top talent, the overall talent level drops. This is why it would be bad for the game itself. BUT, that means that those super freshmans' scholarships would not go to freshman who would have otherwise been minor headlines (I'm sure Zuch could fill us in on a bunch of great freshman that would not have been NBA prospects, who got scholarships anyway). Those extra scholarships would go to the guys who just missed getting a scholarship. The guys who may not be able to afford college without those scholarships. The guys who would have rode the bench, but would have gotten an education in the process.

When you have a finite amount of positions (like available D-I scholarships) if you add contestants at any level, the people at the bottom of the totum pole get knocked off. And too often those are the people that really need the scholarships.

So there you go. If you enjoy watching Kevin Love, OJ Mayo and Derik Rose play college hoops, you should feel guilty because somewhere out there are three kids who can't afford to go to college and will probably end up in a homeless shelter, and you are personally responsible for that because you enjoy watching talented freshman. You selfish bastard!


Nathan 11:30 PM  

p.s. That's not a picture of James Dillon Franklin, but I'll be damned if it isn't a spittin image...

CresceNet,  1:44 AM  

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Nathan 2:02 AM  


Patrick 10:14 AM  

What the hell!?!?

Paul 10:39 AM  

Wow, that's Portugese. We have a Brazilian readership base... We can probably thank Soccer Sever for that.

Nate, I'm actually with you although I've always stood on the other side of the argument.

Let's face it: In our society, talented athletes don't need an education. Why make them go to college?

If some athlete and a contingent of scouts thinks a player is good enough to go pro after high school, let him go. If he doesn't make it, then it was his own stupid decision.

Vinnie 11:44 AM  

I speak Portugese. He says you're a whore Nate.

Patrick 2:05 PM  

I also think we need to clarify that high school athlete's do not NEED to go to college to get into the NBA. Yes the NBA instituted the "1 year" rule, but this whole thing should be shouldered by the NCAA. If they want to curb athletes from being the one year wonders, then they could simply institute a policy that states if an athlete wants to play in college, then he or she must perform for three years, like Blackistone stated.

And as a side topic, does anyone here actually believe these guys are performing their "required" duties in the classroom? It usually takes the NCAA close to 2 years to discover academic abnormalities for athletes (anyone remember Maurice Clarett?).

This whole topic is a huge can of worms that the NCAA really needs to take a look into. But of course they will look the other way because of the financial boom collegiate basketball generates.

ScottyG,  4:46 PM  

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Matt 4:59 PM  

"If you want to link the Cresce.Net ( on your blog I would be grateful, and even more success"

...And???? And???? Don't leave me hanging!!! Even more success AND WHAT?!?!?!

Mike 7:27 PM  

I bet we're the most popular Marquette Alum-founded sports blog in Brazil. We're probably worshipped like gods down there.

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