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>> Sunday

All right Mike, I'll bite. I'm the nostalgic type, so here's my best and worst sports moments of 2007 (without a single mention of steroids...except that one). I'll even add a few categories.

Best Games I Watched on TV

3. Roger Federer defeats Rafeal Nadal in the Wimbeldon title match - Soccer is to Sever as Tennis is to Nate, meaning that I am the only one who cares about it, and I won't say anything else about this match other than, "It was awesome."
2. Boise State over Oklahoma - Bechtel would have slept through the ending had it not been for Poethig and I screaming like little girls. Also, I will definitively say that this was the greatest football game of our lifetime.
1. Rockies/Padres one-game playoff - The only thing that could beat the greatest football game of our lifetime would be the greatest baseball game of our lifetime. Lucky for us, we had both this year. Good work, 2007.

Best Individual Performances I Watched on TV
3. Justin Beaver running wild (249 yards) in the Division III Championship - Gotta show some love to the white running back, and to my brother's alum, UW-Whitewater, who finally fucking beat Mount Union.
2. LeBron James scoring his team's final 25 points to beat the Detroit Pistons - We have not seen a man dominate a basketball game like that since His Airness.
1. Brett Favre throwing what he called "the two best passes of my life" against the Broncos, including an 82-yard strike to Jennings on the first play in overtime.

Best Game I Saw Live
My brothers' and my Father's Day gift to our dad was a trip to Miller Park on August 4th to watch the Brewers play the Phillies. Prince Fielder's two-out, two-run homer in the eighth put the Brewers on top, Cory Hart robbed Tadahito Iguchi of a home run in the ninth to preserve the lead, and we ended up giving my dad the best Father's Day gift he's ever received.

Best Individual Performance I Saw Live
Ben Sheets' complete game on Opening Day. If only he'd stayed healthy...

Worst Game I Saw Live
Again, involves my dad. Just 10 days after the above-mentioned game, he had tickets for my brothers and me to a Brewers/Cardinals game. After jumping out to a three-run lead in the first, the Brewers got thrashed. Specifically, Cris Capuano got thrashed. And at some point during the Cardinals' six-run fifth inning, my dad got up and walked away. He disappeared for about three innings and when he returned, he officially gave up on the Brewers. No exaggeration. He did not watch a single game the rest of the year, and stopped following them completely. The Cardinals won 12-4.

Game I Wish I Saw (Live or TV)
Adrian Peterson's record-breaking game. Although, as a consolation prize, we got to watch Gavin watching live updates of the game and getting increasingly pissed because he was playing against AP in our fantasy league.

Game I'm Glad I Didn't See
This should go without saying, but I am so grateful to the BigTen Network for sparing me from watching my Wolverines be on the short end of "the greatest upset in college football history."
(Note: I'm also happy I didn't see the College Basketball championship game because I was too drunk to stay awake after Opening Day)

Play of the Year
You could say Boise State's Statue of Liberty play, or Matt Holliday's controversial slide, or really a million and a half other plays. But this one...it's just so damn fun to watch, especially in Chinese.


Nathan 11:36 AM  

Note that I mentioned fantasy football without mentioning that I beat all you clowns and went home with the CHAMPIONSHIP!

Also note that this is negated by the fact that I am mentioning it now. You could even argue that I am intentionally drawing attention to it. You might even argue that I'm an asshole. But you cannot argue that I am not a champion.


Matt 5:28 PM  

I will argue that you're an asshole because there's something noticably absent from your "Best of 2007": The birth of your fucking son.

I'm printing off this post and giving it to JD when he's 18 and then I'll watch as he kicks your ass for being a deadbeat father.

Also, at the end of the thing you refer to Helton's controversial slide - since you claim to have watched the game, you probably know it was Matt Holliday. Assclown.

Patrick 8:06 PM  

Nate, I am shocked and befuddled that our "best play" list did not include that 2-pt conversion that Kyle Orton converted to Greg Olsen last week....what a throw!

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