Random Thoughts While Eating My Wheaties!!!

>> Friday

1.) Last night's Bears - Redskins game was about as interesting as a 30 year old porno...you try your best to get excited, but in the end, there's just no real payoff.

2.) Was I the only one who thought Bryant Gumbel was having a proctology exam performed during the three hour snooze.

3.) Speaking of a proctology exam, I wonder if that would "jump start" this Bears team?

4.) Exhibits X,Y, and Z of why Devin Hester doesn't line up on offense very much...stellar route running you dumb, sonofabitch!

5.) Fred "the human turnstile" Miller can now add "Master of the Illegal Procedure" and "Old as Dirt" to his reputation as a piss poor blocker. Maybe the Bears could reassign him as the head parking attendant. Come on through!

6.) Hey Bechtel, the way the White Sox are doing buisness, the Brewers might be able to pawn that other turnstile Jason Kendall on the White Sox for someone like Mark Burhele.

7.) Ken (ny) Williams, have fun being in last place for like a decade you jackass.

8.) Marquette hit the century mark against that cute, lovable team from the East side. Just goes to show that the team with better talent usually wins...sorry Hoosiers, you guys looked pretty awful!

9.) I just heard Skip Bayless call Sage Steele "sexy." I've never been so creeped out in my life.

10.) This MAN would like to say farewell to Wrecks Grossman and FINALLY HELLO to the man, the myth, the legend, and OUR SAVIOR, KYLE ORTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Matt 10:37 AM  

You son of a bitch, I enjoyed your picture choice for this post for all the wrong reasons. I'll see you all in hell!

Patrick 11:47 AM  

Yeah, I had to change that picture, it wasn't nice at all. But at least I found this one...this photo doesn't do justice to how big a tool this kid is

Vinnie 12:17 PM  

Oh, what was the old one? We wanna see!

Mike 12:18 PM  

By a thirty year old porno, are you referring to a porno featuring people in their thirties or a porno made in 1977?

The two would be markedly different.

Matt 12:19 PM  

While I respect the hell out of the Minnesota North Stars shirt, I am left wondering who the hell this douche is on the box?

Patrick 1:08 PM  

Here is a link for the old photo

And btw, if anyone knows this guys name, let me knwo because he stole my pick up move at bar's

Zuch 11:20 PM  

The less mind boggling moves Kenny Williams makes=the less of a hole the next Sox GM has to dig out of and bad contracts he has to eat. Speaking of, can someone else seriously give Aaron Rowand a big contract.

Patrick 9:49 AM  

I do see that zuch, but when you spend 18 mil on a barely above average reliever, you can't complain about the $$$ of the market. You have to admit that there is no way this team is going to compete in the AL central when they don't spend the necessary amount of money to upgrade this team.

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