ESPN has a learning disability

>> Saturday

Was it all in my head, or did we not undergo an NFL offseason that emphasized just how dangerous concussions can be? Either ESPN missed the message that they were supposively trying to convey, or they want football players to live short lives.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that returning to a game after suffering a concussion is extremely dangerous, even potentially fatal, ESPN continues to glorify the "guts" of players who do exactly that. I remember watching a clip on Jon Kitna, and they talked about how tough he was when he returned to the game after suffering a concussion. I let it slide, because I don't really know the details of that case, and I think Kitna might have been cleared to go back in the game (perhaps without justifaction, but still...).

But now I'm watching a piece on Chase Daniel, and here we go again...Recalling Missourri's season opener against Illinois when Daniel was smoked, left dazed and "returned to the game on the next play (emphasis by ESPN)." Then, as if to taunt me with their incredible stupidity, they cut to a teammate saying how Daniel could not even remember the game, followed by more voice-over lauding his fearlessness.

Wow. What a tough guy. He's like some kind of superhero. Hey kids, if you suffer a concussion and don't get your ass back in the game, you're a pussy. Thanks ESPN.


Anonymous,  12:33 PM  

Nathan watched The Natural for the first time and hoped that Hobbs got beaned right in the gut causing his intestines to explode, therefore killing him in front of his son he never met. While a horrible ending it would show the kids at home the folly of grinding out an injury.

Matt 9:24 PM  

As someone who's played a football game after suffering a concussion, I can tell you - I am the toughest son of a bitch alive.

Also, it's insanely dangerous. I didn't know I was concussed when it happened, and apparently I'm enough of a space cadet that the crack training staff for Whitewater High School didn't notice either. They made me take the next week's game off - no ifs ands or butts - and even then I had to be re-evaluated before they'd let me go back to practicing. If it's dangerous enough to warrant stringent regulations like that for small time high school athletes, you'd think ESPN would realize that touting the toughness of guys who risk their brain functionality isn't the best idea.

Then again, you'd think ESPN wouldn't continue to employ Skip Bayless, so I have been wrong before.

Nathan 11:10 AM  

In fairness to the Whitewater HS training staff, it's a lot harder to know when to suspect a concussion in an offensive lineman. When a receiver or quarterback gets laid out, it is (or should be) a kneejerk reaction to check them for a concussion.

With linemen, they're getting smacked every goddamn play, so unless a player is lining up on the wrong side of the ball, the indications of a concussion are not as noticeable.

Vinnie 12:42 PM  

I saw that piece too and almost made this same post, except that I wasn't near my computer. Glad you were on top of it, Nate.

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