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>> Tuesday

Why don't we question this primary process with a sporting mind? Shouldn't the BCS critics be all over this? Instead of worrying about the justice of the horrible football played at the college level? I mean, how bogus is it that some po-dunk Iownians and New Hamp-shires get to tell the rest of the country whom to vote for?

Having said that, I may or may not vote, ever, again.


Nathan 11:05 PM  

Huckabee's Jekyl/Hyde results in Iowa/N.H. are a perfect example of how fucked it is to let a small sample of the country make such an important decision.

Also, the dude doesn't believe in evolution. Thus, everyone in Iowa is a moron.

Mike 9:07 AM  

One could also argue that the 20 states with primaries or caucuses on Super Tuesday in a few weeks have something to do with it.

Also, while I'd really like to say that a candidate's faith should NOT play a role in whether or not he gets elected, Huckabee thinks that Dinosaurs never existed and Mitt Romney thinks that Jesus partied with Indians.

Not too sure about giving either of these people access to nuclear weapons.

Patrick 9:33 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vinnie 10:07 AM  

Hahaha... Wow, Pat.

Vinnie 10:11 AM  

And wait... Partied with the Indians? Like, Native Americans or people from India. Because it is widely believed by theologians that Jesus spent part of the 20-some-odd years of his life ignored by the bible in India learning Eastern religions and singing Hare Krishna.

Patrick 10:25 AM  

Well, it is a bit harsh, but it is true. If you want something to change, then why does only 1% of the black community go out and vote...If just 5% did so, Obama would have won easily yesterday

Matt 10:33 AM  

"I don't want to here anymore from the blacks."

New YCS Catchphrase?

Patrick 10:55 AM  

Okay, now I am starting to feel awful about what I wrote, so let me re-write it so we don't get any hate-mail:

Hahahaha, seriously...the thing that I love about these caucuses is that it is so much like those gay-ass homecoming king/queen contests in high school. It is just a popularity contest. The only reason Hillary won is because people fell for that stupid crying tactic which apparently humanized her.
And, I don't want to here anymore crap from the black community. They were only represented by 1% in NH. From now on, no more bitching that no one does anything for you.
BTW, I am rooting for Obama.

Mike 3:08 PM  

Aren't all elections popularity contests by their very definition?

Patrick 9:46 AM  

They are, but you would hope that an election for President of the US would entice people to use their minds rather than vote for who looks better or falling for a gay cry tactic, thats all.

It speaks to how retarded and gullible this country is.

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