I swear we're all college grads

>> Wednesday

Maybe it's because of an abundance of penis jokes. Maybe it's because of the excessive use of the word "fuck" and even more excessive exclamation points. Most likely it's because we copy and paste the words of horrible sports writers, or mockingly mimick even worse sports writers. Whatever it is, congratulations are certainly not in order:

blog readability test

Movie Reviews


Patrick 10:36 AM  

Hahahaha, but I have to wonder, if blogs have a higher grade, would the blog be as enjoyable to read? I think it is our abundant use of the 4-letter words that separate us from from the rest.

Vinnie 11:31 AM  

Elementary school? That's fucking gay. I bet the person who made that site is dumber than Jay Mariotti and has an even smaller dick. Fuck them!

(Point made.)

Patrick 12:12 PM  

Vinnie, was that comment strictly intended for Jay Mariotti or are you referring to Italians in general?

Nathan 12:57 PM  

Yeah, I agree with you Pat. The blogs that I have found to have "College Graduate" level readability are often a chore to read.

Really, being able to get ideas accross in simple language is a valuable skill.

Now, the best blogs (or at least my personal favorites) are almost accross the board graded at a high school level, so maybe we have some work to do.

Vinnie 1:02 PM  

Rubbish! I'm taking the opposite approach. We're shooting for pre-school, boys!

Vinnie 1:02 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrick 1:12 PM  

I think one way we can achieve that "preschool level" is to start and end posts with smiley faces and such.

:) or ;)

Vinnie 8:07 PM  

Or more frequent use of words like "mommy," "booboo," and "stupidhead."

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