Random Thoughts While I Eat My Wheaties!!!

>> Monday

1.) The Packers loss last night was disappointing for several reasons, but the only saving grace is that no one has to see those gay-ass and obnoxious "G-Force" flags when the Packers score for seven months.

2.) Jay Marriotti, you are a fucking idiot!!! In today's article, he states that LT showed no guts and abandoned his team when he pulled himself out of yesterday's AFC title game despite the fact that Phillip "sidearm" Rivers gutted the game out with a similar injury. No, correct me if I am wrong, but I tend to think that a partial MCL tear is more hindering for a halfback than a quarterback. Also, that dago forgets to mention that the Chargers would have been better had Billy Volek started.

3.) Skip Bayless, you are a fucking idiot!!! In today's episode of "Cold Pizza" or whatever the hell they are calling that poor excuse for a television show, Skip mentions that Tom Coughlin's decision to play his starters against the Pats in Week 17 was still the worst coaching move of the season. Oh yeah dipshit, like resting your starters really worked well for the Colts, Cowboys, and Bucs.

4.) Get ready America for Super Bowl XLII, or once again, non-stop coverage of another over-rated Boston vs. New York sports matchup. Personally, I would be more intrigued by a Falcons-Chiefs bowling competition.

5.) Fucking Idiot #3: anyone who thinks sprinter Pistorius should be allowed to run in the
Beijing Olympics. Pistorius, or "Blade Runner" who was born without the fibula in his lower legs has carbon fiber prosthetic devises called Cheetah Flex-Feet which allow him to run/walk like any "normal person." However, when st maximum speed, these prosthetic devises allow him to "cruise" at that speed while expending less than 30% energy than runners with actual legs. Supporters are enraged and crying for an equal playing field. Shut the hell up you idiots!!!

6.) Vinnie, you will love this: Season stats for current Bulls "star" Ben Wallace and former Bulls STAR Tyson Chandler.
Big Ben: 8.6 reb / 4.6 pts. / 32.4 min.
Tyson: 12.2 reb / 12.2 pts. / 34.6 min.

Ben Wallace, I hate you!!!

7.) This Just In: Kenny Williams made a major splash in the free agent market by signing Octavio Dotel. That's right Sox fans, your ridiculously retarded GM just ensured your team will suck more than Lindsay Lohan's latest, straight to video, movie career.

8.) This Just In: Random old lady flips Sweet Lou the bird when discussing Lou's casual handling of the pitching rotation at this weekend's Cubs Convention.

9.) During last nights NFC telecast, Fucking Idiot #4 Pam Oliver stated that while the Packers had a heated bench, the Giants buns of steel were actually that stiff. She referred to this mystery as "HeaterGate." Holy Hell, these female commentators or horrible, with the exception of Hannah Storm, my childhood idol.

10.) In what was probably the greatest article of the year, Shannon Ryan of the Chicago Tribune did a piece about all the crap in DePaul coach Jerry Wainwright's office. Jerry's office isn't decorated with College Basketball memorabilia, rather he spices the place up with stuff like dolls of Public Enemy rappers Flava' Flav and Chuck D, a battery operated crowing rooster, and a mini-replica of The Rock. So, what useless and completely ridiculous sports memorabilia do you guys still have and why?


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