The fourth "major" U.S. sport: A huuuuuge can o' worms

>> Tuesday

Four major sports:

1. Football

2. Baseball

3. Basketball

4. Politics

So let's all debate politics! (Not a good idea!)

My two cents:

-Happy about the sudden McCain momentum.

-Think I could use (and therefore, America could use) a tough matron like Ms. Clinton to lead us proper.


Discuss. (Or better yet, disregard.)
(And also, a certain buzz word in this campaign reminds me of.... something.)


Vinnie 8:52 PM  

Full disclosure... My rankings (for what it's worth and obvious from the post):

t1: McCain
t1: Clinton
2: Ron Paul Revolution!!!!!!
3: Cult of Personality
4: Bloomberg (He's a registered member of NORML... keep that in mind.)
5. Someone else!
6. Perot, Nader, and Mondale-Ferraro!
7. Me.

Nathan 12:14 AM  

I took a few of those online quizes that tell you who to vote for, and the top result was...drumroll please...

Mike Gravel

So apparantly the country will never be to my liking (mostly because we won't legalize weed or move to a government-run health care system). I wonder what kind of jobs are available in England...

Mike 9:49 AM  

My rankings...

They all suck.

Looks like November is going to be a choice between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich.

Mike 9:50 AM  

PS: Thanks, Vinnie. Now I have "Cult of Personality" stuck in my head.

Vinnie 10:13 AM  

Yeah, I've had it in my head everytime I've seen his face on TV the last few months, which has been every six seconds or so.

Matt 10:31 AM  

You could do worse. Living Color were kickass guitar players. And they wore Scuba Outfits for some reason. Bitchin'.

Also, it's always a choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich.

But don't blame me, I voted for Kodos.

Nathan 12:43 PM  

So now Mike knows what 2004 was like for democrats. It sucks when your party can't even come up with a halfway competent candidate.

Zuch 3:02 PM  

According to those quizzes, I should have supported Kucinich in 2004. Also, you Republicans should be honored to have a fine man like John McCain representing you: it's a refreshing change from the cast of morons you normally have to back. If the deviless herself gets nominated and faces McCain, I vote McCain in a heartbeat. Of course, all this would be a moot point if my man Barack gets the much deserved nomination.

Nathan 5:52 PM  

Correct me if I'm wrong Mike, but the problem with McCain (for Republicans) is that the only people that think he's a great Republican candidate are Democrats and independents.

Maybe this just goes to show that in order to be a truly conservative Republican, you have to be an evolution-denier or a Mormon...yikes.

Matt 12:11 AM  

A Mormon president? No way!

Whatever happened to the good old days when people just believed that an invisible man who lives in the sky controls most, if not all facets of our daily lives.

Also, I have a question. Does the Bible talk at length about Jesus' career as a carpenter? Like, was he a union carpenter? And if so, did he become a master carpenter? Also, did he use his gifts as son of God to cut corners? Like when bidding out a job, would he be like "oh, Moab says he can build your stable by the end of the week, does he? Well, guess what - BAM, your stable's done NOW, and I just snapped my fingers and made that happen at half the price. What's up now, Hezekiah?" Because to me, that's like Superman parlaying his Super-speed into an Olympic gold medal. It's just not playing fairly. And along those same lines, how much of his life did he spend being a carpenter? He was only like 33 or something when he died, so did he work like 15 years as a carpenter and then decide, "oh, well, I guess I better start, ya know, performing miracles and shit." Seems like he could have lost a lot of valuable time if he'd done that.

Mike 5:43 PM  

You're pretty accurate, Nate. McCain won both his New Hampshire victories on the backs of Independents. When he got into the more "devoutly conservative" primaries in Iowa and South Carolina, he couldn't corral that same support.

McCain's biggest problem is that he doesn't seem to be in bed with the evangelicals like Huckabee is and the other GOP candidates are trying to be.

It is amazing how many people base their vote on the firm belief that the President can single-handedly overrule Roe v. Wade.

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