Random Thoughts While Eating My Wheaties

>> Tuesday

1.) Why in the world did Tony Kornheiser try to compare Brett Favre (Fav-er-a) to Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan? I mean, how the hell is it possible. Tiger Woods has won what it seems like thousands of PGA championships (I know it's like 12 or something) and MJ won 6 titles. Brett won one Super Bowl...yes he's good, but come on, it's a no contest.
2.) That said, maybe it is just me maturing, but Brett Favre is sure fun to watch...you never know what is going to happen next.
3.) Speaking of Brett, I have to say while it is disappointing that the Bears decided to take this season off, it is fun seeing the Packers, Lions, and Browns having some fine seasons. I mean, who the hell saw these teams playing as well as they are?
4.) Man, Steve Spurrier really knows how to recruit....I mean his team is a writer's dream having players with names such as Captain, Smelley, and Succup. The puns are endless!
5.) Why the hell wasn't The Ole' Ball Coach wearing a visor Saturday night?
6.) Ben Gordon wants the Bulls to pony up and pay him "Big-Man" money. Apparently 5 - years, $50 millions won't cut it. I think we can officially welcome K-B to Chicago.
7.) A-Rod to the Cubs...Whatever it will take, Cubs management had better sign this guy. Imagine this lineup: Soriano, Theriot, A-Rod, Lee, Ramirez, and DeRosa.
8) Wow, Jeanie Zelasko was looking hot on Sunday...in that "I wouldn't touch her with 10 ft. pole" kind of way
9.) ESPN, or "The Extra Sexual Network" really showcases it's superior knowledge in sports by allowing Patrick McEnroe to talk about why the Patriots will not make the Super Bowl. Now I am not saying the Patriots will certainly make it to Arizona, but McEnroe's reasoning is because they do not have a running game. Um, okay....
10.) Go Ducks!


Mike 12:36 PM  

I don't know whether I agree with your #1 or not. On one hand, Favre has been clearly been the class of his generation of quarterbacks. Just think about some of the QBs who broke into the league around the same time Favre did. (Dan McGwire, Todd Marinovich, David Klinger, Tommy Maddox, Drew Bledsoe, and Rick Mirer were all taken higher in the 1991-93 drafts than Favre.)

But if you're going to disqualify Favre from the same abitrary eschelon Woods and Jordan occupy, do it for another reason than titles. Number of championships won should never be a criterion for how good a player is in a team sport. Otherwise, schlubs Dan Marino and Jim Kelly can't be mentioned in the same breath as living legends Trent Dilfer and Jim McMahon.

On the other hand, Woods and Jordan (in part due to talent, in part due to Nike marketing) are both icons that transcended their sports, unlike Favre to a large extent. Even people who aren't golf fans know who Tiger Woods is. People who didn't watch basketball during his career still recognize Michael Jordan and know who he is. Hell, the man's still sharing his drawers with Cuba Gooding, Jr.

In that respect they're in different company from Favre, because aside from a There's Something About Mary cameo, Favre really hasn't transcended his sport and crashed into the mainstream as Woods and Jordan have, despite consistently being one of the better quarterbacks in the league over the lion's share of the past two decades. So if you're going to disqualify him from this arbitrary Mount Olympus of sport, just realize that your criteria seems to be based more on packaging than talent.

Nathan 12:39 PM  

I think "Random Thoughts While Eating My Wheaties" should become a Pat Scott regular feature. Anyone else?

Nathan 12:42 PM  

Oh, and you can count on Kobe in Chicago, making them the team to beat not only in the East, but in the NBA.

However, there is no way A-Rod ends up on the northside with the ownership situation up in the air. He's most likely heading to one of the L.A. teams.

Vinnie 1:07 PM  

Yeah, going on championships is unfair. He's every bit to football what MJ was to basketball.

Succup and Smelley are good, but they're nothing compared to left tackle Brian Snotnose and RB Jamal Kidwhopeeshispants.

And lastly, "Extra Sexual Network" only spells ESN, does it not?

But definitely a regular feature. I think you need a picture to go along with it that shows you sitting in your running shorts at the kitchen table with a bowl of Wheaties and the newspaper, commenting out loud to yourself. Just a suggestion.

Patrick 2:26 PM  

Ah, goodpoint Vinnie, it should have been Extra Sexual Party Netweork

Matt 3:48 PM  

I totally agree, it's like Peter King's column, but somehow more crotchety and random. Amazing.

Also, rumor has it that Kobe to Chicago won't happen because the Lakers want some insane combination of Deng, Gordon, Hinrich and Nocioni or something along those lines.

Also, sadly, A-Rod to the Cubs might not happen because the league may not allow them to throw that much money into one player while the ownership situation is still up in the air.

That said, great work Pat.

Iain 3:43 PM  

You and your thories are QUACK!

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