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>> Tuesday

(Scroll down for pictures and videos if you don't like writer-based prose.)

The last couple nights, hopelessly starved for baseball and lamenting the approaching end of the baseball season, I've been surfing YouTube for any MLB and MLB-related videos I could find. And the following was my stand-out favorite. It's a montage that someone put together from home-video of the demolition of Old Comiskey Stadium, set to a sweet Tom Petty song.

Having gone to Old Comiskey once (maybe twice?) in my early childhood thanks to annual Cub Scout outings, I have lingering and somehow vivid memories of walking into the stadium and sitting in the left field bleachers, throwing trash on the warning track (because I was a dumb kid and thought that was fun). It was exotic for me, being from an all-Cub fan family for whom a Sox game was a grudging concession. And I figure there must be a reason that it stuck.

Watching Old Comiskey-set clips of the '77 "South Side Hitmen" and Harry Caray-Jimmy Piersall broadcasts in high shool resurrected those forgotten memories and bridged my Cubs-Sox biases, opening my eyes to the appeal of loving the black sheep. And I guess that's the point of those historical pieces--instilling an intense sense of nostalgia in those who have little or no meomory of that which is commemorated. Well, score one for them.

You might say the video is pretty sappy--and I guess it is--but it should hit a nerve with anyone nostalgic for a demolished stadium, whether it's County Stadium, Boston Garden, or the Madhouse on Madison. In the video's comments, I learned that they're finally putting the wrecking ball to Tiger Stadium, a place I obnoxiously captured in photo after photo after photo during a college service trip in 2005 and wished like hell I'd experienced from the inside before the Tigers moved out.

Yeah, destruction and rebirth is the heart of reality, but I think it's okay not to enjoy it if you so choose.

Anyway, I'm done with the maudlin crap for the night, and I'll leave you with the video and some other funny stuff. Becuase we're funny here. ...Funny, funny guys.


Anonymous,  5:45 AM  

I loved that park. In addition to tearing down a great stadium they also tore down the bar next to the stadium where Babe Ruth used to get plastered during rain delays. One of the reasons why the Comisk was one of Babe Ruth's favorite parks to play in as he stated on numerous occasions. Now for my favorite Babe Ruth quote "Wrigley Field is a piece of shit", clearly he didn't feel the same way about the park up north.

Matt 5:52 PM  

"Vinnie gets all hormonal?"

You're pregnant?!?

Vinnie 6:38 PM  

No, menopausal.

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