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>> Thursday

As my typical disclaimer when I talk about football, I only follow the facets of the NFL that directly pertain to fantasy scoring. Thus, I don't know what to make of the Panthers signing (and possibly starting this week) Vinny Testaverde except, "What the F?"

Really, isn't there some better option somewhere? Isn't there some amazing college QB that couldn't quite cut it as a pro that can step in? I mean, isn't there someone with legs that have 20 less years on them that can run a pro offense nearly as well as Testaverde? Or even if they aren't smart enough or accurate enough to, isn't that person still a better option that Testaverde? Isn't Kordell Stewart still around somewhere?

I realize that the QB position requires the skills of decision-making and reading coverage as much as scrambling, arm strength, and durability. But I really, really find it hard to believe there isn't a single person in this world that can fill in better than a mediocre, middle-aged QB who hasn't had a good season since the 90's. I guess Brett Favre is getting old, but he's still 7 years younger than Testaverde and one of the greatest of all-time.

Is Testaverde even still effective? MLB pitchers can play well into their 40's, but that's about the only position in any pro sport that you might expect a player to be effective at such an age.

So Matt and Matt and whoever else, help me out. I'm perplexed.

Finally, does this mean I should sit Steve Smith this week?


Zuch 12:56 AM  

You would think that, but when a guy like Tim Couch still gets tryouts in the offseason, the pool really is pretty bleak. A guy that I actually like and does pretty well when he gets a chance, Tim Rattay, just signed in Arizona a day or two before the Panthers signed Vinny. Still, Vinny looked really bad the last time he played regular action for the Jets. I think Carolina would have been wise calling up San Diego or Tennessee and offer a mid round pick to try to get either Billy Volek or Kerry Collins.

I would still play Smith, just because studs can often rise past shitty QB play and still put up numbers. However, I would also advise picking up the Cardinals defense if you don't already own the Patriots, Bears, Ravens or Chargers units, cause Vinny should be good for at least 2 picks and a bunch of sacks.

Matt 2:48 AM  

Here's my thinking in this process. I think that in the NFL, more than any other major sport, the difference in talent between the starter and the backup is often really, really small (particularly at RB and LB, but that's a personal theory). As such, I think teams feel that if they can get anything out of a guy, he might catch fire for a game or two and do all right. It's happened in the past and it will, in all likelihood, keep happenin' till we're long gone. Now, specifically why they're going after Testaverde, God only knows. He's 100. And yeah, he's terrible.

As for the fantasy question, I'd still start Smith, bad QB's usually lean on one target, and he's the best guess there.

Anonymous,  8:46 AM  

I think a guy like Vinny (Testaverde, not your brother), still has enough gas left in the take to run the offense short term. I'd expect a lot more running from Carolina, and that being the case, all they really would need is a guy to take the snap from the center and hand the ball to the RB, plus throw an occasional low-risk pass (think most Badgers QB's here...). That said, a guy like Testaverde is also a cheap option as a short-term stopgap until Carr can play.

Vinnie 8:48 AM  

I was thinking the exact same thing, Paul. Hell, is Flutie next? Chris Chandler? Warren Moon? Elvis Grbac? Maybe they can pry Jim Harbaugh away from that Stanford coaching job that's clearly going nowhere.

I say give Marcus Vick, Adrian McPherson, Chris Redmon, or Quincy Carter a call. Then go hounding the Bears for Orton.

Vinnie 8:50 AM  

I spell it Vinnie. Only fake Vinnies spell it Vinny.

Matt 9:11 AM  

Straight up Guid's spell it Vinny, Vinnie. Girls spell it with an "ie."

Vinnie 1:11 PM  

Find me a girl named Vinnie, and I'll give you ten autographed pictures of John Travolta as Vinny Barbarino (signed by me).

Paul 10:13 PM  

It's a good thing I've kept DeShaun Foster around. The fantasy question was more of a joke, but thanks for the advice. I'd never sit Smith.

So we're all still a little perplexed about Testaverde? Now I don't feel so bad.

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