Which team should I root for?

>> Thursday

There are so many great teams in baseball's League Championship Series' that it is almost impossible to pick a team to root for. Well, if you need a little clarification, let me help you find that perfect team so you can root them on to postseason glory.

1.) Colorado Rockies (er, Colorado Rocky Mountain Highs)

What's not to like about this team....they've got spunk, they've got grit, and they've got the man with the best looking facial hair in Todd Helton since Al Hrabosky. Plus, they have a stadium named after that Beer can which turns blue when cold.

2.) Arizona Diamondbacks (er, Snakes)

The team has Doug Davis and Livian Hernandez as it's #2 and 3 starters. Any team that wins 90 games with those two in the same locker-room deserves a chance at history. Plus, the team has Jeff Salazar as its starting right fielder for the playoffs...thats all you need to know.

3.) Cleveland Indians

Man, how can you not root for a team that has Kenny Lofton on it's roster. I mean, the guy is great and definitely in this man's mind, is a sure first ballot HOFer. Plus, for all you Chicagoans out there, can you really root against a team whose mascot looks astonishingly like number 33, Scottie Pippen?

4.) Boston Red Sox

Only if you're Gay!


Vinnie 10:39 PM  

First ballot?!

I hope "being insane" is also listed on that ballot.

Vinnie 11:34 PM  

Now that you brought it up, I think Chief Wahoo looks more like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Squint a tad, and that feather could be an axe.

Paul 11:37 PM  

That's the Denver Rocky Mountain Highs and Phoenix Snakes.

Kenny Lofton is awesome and deserving of the HOF (has played into his 40's, had made a handful of All Star appearances, has played in many postseasons, has been exceptional in a single facet of the game).

And did you see what's he batting with RISP this postseason? I know it's a really small sample size, but it just goes to show how big of a loss he was to the Cubs. With Kenny in the dugout, do you think the Cubs would have had the 2004 meltdown that they had? Uh, I think not.

NY Warrior 8:56 AM  

lofton as a sure first ballot HoF player?


He deserves serious consideration, but is not a first ballot guy.

His best comp it Tim Raines ..... more SBs and hits than Kenny. Raines has little support and was more dominant in his prime than Lofton

NY Warrior 8:58 AM  

published too fast.....lets see how Raines does next year with the voters. its a great litmus test for Lofton in many ways

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