"Papa" is acting like I did when I was seventeen and my high school told me to cut my hair

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Hey, remember when Chicago Tribune hack Rick Morrissey wrote that column back in July saying what a veteran leader and "man" Ben Wallace would provide the Bulls? Good, you shouldn't. But I do because I wrote this ridiculously long rebuttal, call-response piece thingy about it.

Today, Morrissey wrote this. He doesn't necessarily backpedal on the July article, but it's still funny how ridiculous that original characterization looks only thirteen games into the season.

I'm not saying that I disagree with Morrissey's current take on the situation nor that I predicted Ben Wallace to fight with the coaching staff and management so soon. I'm just pointing out how silly a sportswriter can look when he extrapolates a player's or a team's personality into a nonsense caricature.

That being said, I know I'd be raising all kinds of Cain too if my team got on me about a dadgum headband. In fact, I'm not so sure I've gotten over the hair incident in high school (damned private school SOBs with their opressive mind-control rules and shit).


Vinnie 9:10 PM  

Tribune online poll accompanying the article:

Your call

Whose side are you on in the Bulls-Wallace hissing match?

Bulls (2850 responses)

Wallace (1455 responses)

4305 total responses
(Poll results not scientific)

I have the sneaking suspicion that Patrick Scott voted 2850 times.

Pandrew 12:27 AM  

Really, other than in the fourth quarter of the game against Indiana that brought their record to 3-3, he hasn't had the type of presence on the court that accompanied his name.

Interestingly, "he has reportedly butted heads with the team on other issues, like playing music in the locker room" (ESPN).

Think they could get Jerry Hairston for him?

(Also I still REALLY want to know who smashed Sosa's boombox.)

Vinnie 12:58 AM  

I always guessed Bruce Kimm. Total passive-aggressive if I've ever seen one. Wait--that was during Kimm's couple months, wasn't it?

Pandrew 2:23 AM  

Actually it was after the last game of the 2004 season when Sosa left early. Kimm was still in town, though, coaching third base (unless it was Cora already) for the White Sox, so he might have sent someone from third to smash it.

I have heard: Barrett, Wood, Prior, maybe Walker. If it was Zambrano, he smashed it with his face.

Pandrew 2:24 AM  

Bruce Kimm was a great in 2002: the Cubs sucked, but the way he described it, every day they played one hell of a game. Especially losing an eight run lead to Montreal, Jason Bere.

Pandrew 2:24 AM  

I'm sure I meant great manager, not a Great.

Matt 7:31 AM  

Jason Bere, former Milwaukee Brewer?

Matt 7:32 AM  

And re: Sosa's boombox, the most commonly tossed around name is Kerry Wood, and I tend to believe that. Although, while he was smashing it, I think he felt a slight pop in his right elbow...

Vinnie 12:41 PM  

The very same. Also, 1994 All-Star Game teammate of Ricky Bones, Jason Bere. I also like to imagine Alou as the smasher. He would be cursing in Spanish as he battered it (no batting gloves of course) while still retaining his wad of dip. Yeah, I miss Moises.

Matt 12:57 PM  

I'm gonna go ahead and blame the obvious choice that we're all forgetting. That's right, Ben Grieve. He's quiet, he's shifty, and I'll be more than once he was spotted with those shifty eyes darting back and forth in the clubhouse. He's kept it under raps for a while, but don't be fooled - he'll get ya.

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