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>> Thursday

I understand that this post will fall completely flat for anyone outside the Chicago area, as well as most of those within it, but hear me out.

If you have been living in the Chicago area for the last three months, and you aren't a pretentious snob who thinks radio is beneath you (unless it's satellite or public or some other snobby, commie bullcrap), then you've probably at least caught a bit of Q101's new morning show, "The Morning Fix."

(Still don't care what I'm talking about? Too f-in' bad.)

The show, on the whole, is usually pretty entertaining--good interviewees, decent comedy bits, fun personalities. At the very least, it's way more appropriate for a young, non-homophobic audience than "Mancow's Morning Madhouse," the relic it replaced.

However, the show has one glaring weakness: Their sports guy, whose name is Jim Lynam (pictured top), is an obnoxious stroke. He's bad news. Just hah-rrable. Don't believe me? Here's an example of Jim trying to funny from this morning Re: criticism of the Bears' defensive line for its recent low sack production:

Defensive end Adewale Ogunleye responded to the criticism by saying, "We're not going to let this stuff get to us."...Things that do get to Ogunleye, however, are mom jokes, sad movies, and comments about his weight. [forced laughter by co-hosts] You know...He's a sensitive guy!

Sadly, this joke was one of his better efforts. You also have to keep in mind that he delivers literally every story in this monologue-y, set-up-to-punchline style.

Every. Single. Story.

What's ironic is that this show was created under the premise of doing away with the shock jock format and being different, edgy, smart, etc, but Q101 picked a sports guy that is the complete opposite--loud, hackneyed, generic, and Mancowesque.

So here's what I'm proposing. We, YCSNation, start a grassroots campaign to get this clown fired. Moreover, we help our own in the process.

For those who don't personally know us (maybe six of you), two of our very own staffers, Matt Zuchowski and myself, are experienced radio personalities, both having having worked for three years at WMUR in Milwaukee. (It's a really popular radio station. You can look it up if you want.) And at the moment, Zuch finds himself between careers while I, well...I'm just a fickle dude who will more or less jump at the chance to do anything new for a living. Also, after seeing "Morning Fix" co-host Ginger Jordan's picture on the Q101 website, I sure wouldn't mind working with her. (Hot dang, what a fox!)

Zuch and I could split the sports guy job, seeing as a two- to three-day work week is more up our alley than the traditional and excessive five-day. Plus, I think I speak for Zuch also in saying that we would gladly do it for half each what Jim Lynam makes.

Professionally, we may not quite have the proper qualifications or big-time radio training, but personality-wise, we're more than qualified. Zuch knows more about sports than just about anyone in the salaried media, while I--and please correct me if I'm at all mistaken--am one of the most generally hilarious and charismatic people in the world today. And oh--talk about faces for radio! (Well, I mostly have a face for glitzy fashion magazines. But I'm sure I could make it could work on radio too.)

Yeah, it may seem like a longshot getting one of the highest-rated radio stations in the country to fire one of their on-air personalities to hire two people they've never heard of without any compelling or justifiable reason, but I have a feeling they'll think twice when their inbox ( is flooded with roughly one to six emails. At the very least, they'll be happy to receive feedback other than complaints that their "Clarissa Jenkins" character is racist.

YCSNation--we're counting on you. Support our effort for better radio tomorrow, today! And more importantly, support our effort to make ourselves a name and money...also today!

If you really loved us, you would do it.


Matt Zuchowski 12:11 AM  

Matthew Zuchowski and Vincent Bergl, a picture of class in American society.

A-Train 5:33 AM  

not only is their sports guy named after a former 76ers coach, you really expect this chicago exile to believe they have a newsman/host team of COX AND BALL???

Mike 8:54 AM  

Viva la revolucion!

Anonymous,  9:37 AM  

You got to be kidding me. You two dorks take my job....I don't think so. Nice try though. And we appreciate you listening.

Jim Lynam

Anonymous,  10:27 AM  

I love Jim! No one can replace him. :)


Reymundo,  10:48 AM  

Who the hell are they again? I thought the writer said they are well known.
He must mean in his own little Milwaukee cirlce of friends.
What a bunch of losers these guys must be. If they are so "good and personable" how come one of them is "in between" jobs (cuz a career he doesn't have) and the other one "too fickle" (meaning he can't even hold a job anywhere) that they think they can make it in market #3.
Now there's the joke.

mancow,  10:48 AM  

check out the "managers"

this guy needs to graduate high school.

Reymundo also,  11:05 AM  

On an additional note:
Butterball there needs to stop drinking w/ the "pinky up" YOU ARE NOT IN THE PRESENCE OF THE QUEEN!
and give your "prom date" there a pair of scissor so he can cut his tie down to size.

Anonymous,  11:08 AM  

I just wanna hear one sportscast w/out ol' Jimmy tripping over his words. Maybe time for speech class.

Anonymous,  11:27 AM  

Oh, yeah. So I can afford my cap and gown when I graduate High School, would you all please come see AAW Wrestling on December 16th. It's at the Eagles Club: 6309 W. 26th street in Berwyn. It's always a good time with $1 beers.


Mike 11:44 AM  

It can't be THAT technically demanding a job if he needs to manage wrestling events in Berwyn.

Go for it, guys. I imagine you'd have an easier time filling the shoes of Mancow's traffic guy than he could fill yours.

Vinnie 12:23 PM  

We have readers now? What the hell?

If not for the precise detail on the wrestling event and variety in grammatical accuracy, I would swear that these were all characters invented by The Matt Bechtel.

And Reymundo--so hostile. Evidently the tongue-in-cheek didn't come through well enough in this post. My bad, I guess.

Matt 12:50 PM  

I like to assume that Reymundo is actually Rey Sanchez, wouldn't that be weird?

Also funny to assume is that the "anonymous" guy posing as Jim Lynam is actually him and that he stumbled on this site after Googling the hell out of himself.

But seriously, that guy's probably just Rey Sanchez.

Matt 3:52 PM  

And also, either that anonymous guy is actuall Jim Lynam (who, admittedly I'd never heard of until this morning when I read this post since I don't live in the Chicagoland area) or it's someone who's a big enough fan to help promote the guy's wrasslin' show in some lame ass suburb for him.

However, I'll just go ahead and agree with all your criticisms of this guy without ever having heard him because morning radio personalities are generally a dime a dozen, particularly when it comes to the sports guys. They're generally trying to pander to such a wide audience that all they really do is lay out some lame one-liners that don't really deal much with sports. Just give me the scores, faceless radio guy I've never heard of.

Vinnie 4:59 PM  

If that really was Jim Lynam, it's pretty funny because it would mean that at least one of our readers actually took action on my plea or, at the very least, tipped off the show. Also, it would mean that Jim Lynam was actually amused/annoyed enough to come here and call us dorks. Now it's got me sort of curious.

More importantly, though, who in blazes is "reymundo," and what would compel him--or anyone--to so ardently defend a radio sports guy to the point of raining personal insults upon his critics (who, by the way, were already mocking themselves in the post with a little feaux-narcissistic routine)?

Moreover, how dare he insult my tie like that! Unless that's actually Jim Lynam's mom, I see no excuse for such behavior.

Take this as a lesson YCSNation: Never, ever, take us seriously unless we tell you to. Of course even then, we'd probably be joking.

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