Brewers Light Up The Hot Stove With Blockbuster Deal

>> Wednesday

I'm not normally one to criticize Doug Melvin and Gord Ash, who have done an excellent job of delivering the Brewers from laughingstocktitude through a number of well conceived trades and sensible free agent signings. As a whole, Melvin's hits (i.e., the Sexson trade that netted Capuano, Overbay and Ohka; getting rid of Scott Podsednik before everyone else realized what a fraud he was and trading for Johnny Estrada) have been much more frequent than his misses (read: Kevin Mench). Still, every once in a while, even the smartest people in the business happen to completely shit the bed.

In that vein, the Brewers, for seemingly no reason whatsoever signed Craig Counsell to a two year, $6 million contract with a club option for 2009. If you're keeping score at home, that's $3 million a year for a career .694 OPS. The same career .694 OPS that we already had two years ago. Someone, please explain to me what the point of this deal is? It's quite possible that I'm just mad because this means that I have to go through another season of watching his stupid batting stance. Ugh, I hate Craig Counsell.

On that note, I'll close with a quote from venerable Cleveland Indians Manager Lou Brown:

Lou Brown: "Wish we had him two years ago."
GM Charlie Donovan: "We did."
Lou Brown: "Five years ago, then."


Matt Zuchowski 2:28 PM  

Okay, you have an up and coming guy at 2nd in Weeks, a strong defensive shortstop with pop in Hardy, and a solid veteran 3rd sacker in Koskie(assuming he had a multi-year deal). Counsell should not be starting ahead of any of them, and 3 mill is way too much for a utility guy.

Matt 3:16 PM  

Well, Koskie won't even be starting at 3rd, Hall will be the everyday guy there assuming (and at this point, that's dangerous) that Hardy is healthy enough to be the everyday SS. But yeah, that's a terrible deal for Counsell, especially since we probably could have just kept Graffanino for less. Lame, I say, lame.

Vinnie 4:51 PM  

Two words: "Character. Guy."

Nathan 12:43 AM  

Most importantly, Counsell is filling the roster spot of another second-time-around Brewer, Jeff Cirillo. Counsell going to take over the Time Warner Cable ad campaign too?

Anonymous,  11:50 PM  

one word : "moxy"

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