YCS Staff Appearance! WOOHOO!!

>> Monday

For those interested in talking with some of the greatest minds in unpaid, avant-garde, out-of-the-mainstream, and grammatically flawed sportswriting, at least two and possibly three members of the YCS staff will be appearing at the Valparaiso University Athletics and Recreation Center this evening in Valparaiso, IN.

So swing on by if you're interested in seeing the faces behind the misspelled words, bitter grudges, and angry opinions, or if you want to tip off the paparazzi or have your girlfriend's boobs signed or something.


Matt 2:39 PM  

You're lucky Nate and I won't be there, or some of them photographers would get punched, Russell Crowe-style.

Matt 2:39 PM  

Also: "Damn you paparazzo!"

Pandrew 5:10 PM  

Few have the opportunity to "guest lecture" at an institution of higher learning; fewer still in a recreation center.

Living the dream.

Baranowski,  7:25 PM  

Don't call me for bail money tonight guys, I blew all my $$$ on between beer on Black Wendesday and $4 DVDs on Black Friday...

Vinnie 7:47 PM  

Hey, we should really have t-shirts to publicize our name at events like that. Sever, I'll pony up for the spray paint if you buy the plain whites.

Pandrew 12:30 AM  

If you get a box cutter and some plastic you can make a chair stencil. Or YCS identification cards. Or a mess.

Vinnie 12:56 AM  

Funny you should say that. It's almost exactly what we did for our intramural soccer and hoops jerseys last year. Except instead of plastic and box cutters, it was cardboard and scissors. We'll have to post a team photo one of these days.

Mike 9:04 AM  

All in all, the night turned out well. Topics we "guest lectured" on included

"Can we get one frigging call?"
"Jesus, they're shooting the lights out."
"Christ, this place is loud."
"I hope I never have to watch a game like that again."

Vinnie 12:43 PM  

Mike, why clean up what you really said? I may not have been there, yet I know for a fact you yelled much more shameful stuff.

Mike 10:38 PM  

I do recall saying out loud "Jesus Christ, stripes, that's fucking horseshit!" 4 rows behind the MU bench, and 1 row behind a family with small children.

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