KeithLaw #26: "Old middle-relievers are AWESOME."

>> Monday

I think FJM did something on this a while back, but I just really paid attention to these tonight. They're Keith Law's free agent rankings (here if you're a sucker with Insider, here in less detail if you don't).

Before you look at them, I'll give you two lists, and I want you to guess which one has every player on that list ranked higher than every player on the other list.

List A
Gary Matthews Jr. (32 year-old CF coming off an all-star season)
Vicente Padilla (29 year-old SP with ERA+ of 116, 114, and 104 in only three full seasons)
Aubrey Huff (29 year-old 3B with an .819 career OPS)
Moises Alou (40 year-old ageless wonder with a .923 OPS last season)

List B
Justin Speier (33 year-old middle reliever with only 51 IP and 1.32 WHIP last year)
Joe Borowski (35 year-old RP with a reconstructed arm and 1.38 WHIP last year)
Mike Stanton (39 year-old RP with a 1.43 WHIP last year)
Dave Roberts (34 year-old journeyman CF with no power)

List A: #34, #32, #31, #36
List B: #17, #27, #29, #18

He also ranks Ted Lilly at #11 ahead of, well, almost everyone. (Ted Lilly is awful.) He ranks Mike Piazza, a man with no position, at #20, sixteen spots ahead of Alou, who amazingly continues to post offensive numbers similar to his prime. Also, he demonstrates zero balls by not ranking Gagne.

KeithLaw #27: "I'm Keith Law, and I'm a big nerd with a huge forehead, and I think Ted Lilly is better than Vicente Padilla."


Anonymous,  2:35 AM  
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Matt 3:32 PM  

Ugh. The Brewers are expected to sign Dave Roberts, said 34 year old CF with no power. Awesome. Kevin Mench AND Dave Roberts in the same outfield! Can you imagine how awful that would be? Me either. God damn it.

Vinnie 6:51 PM  

Well, I'm not saying Roberts would be a bad signing for cheap. I just think it's wacky to have him ranked so high, especially compared to Matthews. He's OPBed pretty well the last few years, and he is fast. I can't imagine much more than a year or two a the most of value, but he would be an improvement over Brady Clark.

Having said that, doesn't Corey Hart play center? and wear his sunglasses at night?

Matt 7:53 AM  

Corey Hart is ideally a corner outfielder, Tony Gwynn Jr. and Laynce Nix are the guys they have that are ideally better than Brady Clark.

What they need to do is find some way to get rid of Jenkins so they can play Hart and Gross full time.

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