What Are We Thankful For?

>> Thursday

During the holiday season, people tend to take a step back and look at what's really important in their lives and the world. It's a time of reflection, introspection and, most importantly, hearing what we at YCS have to be thankful from a year in sports. As such, here's a look at what we (we meaning me) are thankful for on this day of feasting and sleeping on the couch during the second half of the Cowboys game. So, without further adieu (and certainly no Freddy Ado, that would be one of Mike's posts), here's what's coloring us plum grateful from the year that was 2006.

First off, Vinnie, Patrick, Mike and Zuch are thankful that the Bears are WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!

Nate and I, however, are just thankful that Brett Favre's still playing and that AJ Hawk is awesome.

Last year, Zuch was thankful because the White Sox won the World Series. This year, he's just thankful that Oz hasn't yet personally called him a fag.

Save Pat and Danny, we're all pretty grateful for the fact that Notre Dame and its fashion model quarterback have virtually no shot at the national championship.

Pat and Danny? Well, they're pretty happy that Our Mother's only got one loss.

Speaking of football, bookies throughout the country are thankful that Vinnie keeps doing his weekly Shoe In of the Week posts.

Speaking of shoes and people who occasionally wear them (what a segue!), Carl Pavano and AJ Burnett are damn grateful this year for baseball's guaranteed contracts.

In other diamond-related gratefulness, Vinnie, Pat and the Seve are plum tickled that the Cubs signed Alfonso "The Fonz" (that nickname will stick, I guarantee it) Soriano, and even happier that the Dodgers took Juan Pierre off their hands.

As for the Brewers? Well, we're just thankful that Prince Fielder and Rickie Weeks are still locked up for another couple of years.

As Marquette alums, we're all damn grateful for Tom Crean's recruiting skills, the win over duke and Dominic Fuckin' James.

Elsewhere, we're all thankful for yet another year of our beloved shady characters Chad Johnson, AI, 'Sheed and Randy Moss.

We're also happy that Moss is yet to make good on his pledge to shake his dick.

As for Gavin, whose love of the Knicks gives him little for which to be thankful, he's just happy that Nate Rob stuffed Yao Ming.

As for us as individuals...

Zuch: Real thankful for that BW3's right by his home in Skokie.

Gavin: Thankful that the Mets' latino laden lineup produces one helluva Reggaeton soundtrack when the Mets are up to bat.

Sever: Thankful that the combover is still foolin' people, 4 years later.

Vinnie and I: Thankful that our bosses/employers have no idea what we think about them and that they think we're valuable to the company.

Danny: Thankful for lovable broads that provide easy access to coveted ND football tickets.

Nate: Always thankful so long as the good people at Hamm's keep the machines runnin'.

Pat: Thankful that for the Cubs, there's always next year. Also thankful for that sweet set of gams with which God blessed him.

In all seriousness, we're thankful that people like you may be reading this, and are allowing our nerdy ramblings to be shared and (maybe?) enjoyed by people who aren't us. And perhaps most of all, we're thankful that people like Jay Mariotti, Mike Celizic, Gene Wojiciowski and Bill Simmons still give us something to bitch about. Thanks for reading.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Mike 11:57 AM  

Actually, ever since the combover stopped fooling even me, now I'm thankful for Rogaine.

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