Dateline: Bristol

>> Monday Headline: "That's so Raven-ous"

Scene: Headquarters. A dark, smokefilled room, 3:00 AM. 2 staffers and an editor working laboriously to come up with a headline for the front page story about the Baltimore Ravens.

Editor: All right boys, what are we gonna use to encapsulate this story about those surprising Ravens? Remember, we need timeliness and something with a little pizazz.

Staffer #1: Timely, eh? How about "That's so Raven!" Like that show, from like 6 years ago. On the WB...

Editor: Gives angry look

Staffer #2: about something short and sweet, like "Ravenous?"

Editor: Jesus, how much to we pay you guys to come up with this garbage?

Staffers 1 and 2 (in unison): Nothin' boss, we're Disney employees, and like all Disney employees, we're owned by Michael Eisner.

E: Christ. Fuck it. We'll just combine them both and call it a day.

S1 and S2: Woo-hoo!

Champagne cork pops, all three celebrate wildly on a job well done.


Mike 11:24 AM  

The only thing stranger than that headline is that they didn't include the word/cliche "Nevermore" anywhere in the headline.

Perhaps there's more creativity to the ESPN writing staff than we thought?

Vinnie 12:20 PM  

Better question: What percentage of readers do you think would even pick up on that reference? Really, it's an embarassment that we all do. Well, except for me. I had to look it up. But you guys are losers. Sheesh.

Vinnie 12:34 PM  

This just occurred to me. Not only is that headline horrendously lame, it doesn't even work since the "-ous" changes the long "A" sound to a short "A" sound. The problems with this headline just keep running deeper and deeper. Well actually, I think we about covered the extent of it by now.

Matt Zuchowski 12:23 AM  

See, if my downtime as part of the American unemployment core, I go through my cable box guide of TV shows(generally searching for cool porn titles I would never dare order on my parents account) and discovered a show was actually named That's So Raven. I figured it may work with the wee young ones, but it boggles the mind someone over the age of four would think it's clever.

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