Election in November...Election in November....AGAIN?!?!?!

>> Monday

While all eyes tomorrow may be cast on how disenchanted voters will sweep the Republicans out office and the Democrats in (http://yellow-chair-politics.blogspot.com), there are also a couple of stadium issues on ballots that perhaps merit a token mention in this tiny corner of the media universe.

The Minnesota Vikings plan to build a $280 million retractable roof stadium in Anoka County, MN seems to hinge on the election of pro-stadium county board members.

The Kansas City Wizards future in the KC area leans heavily on the public funding of a $75 million, 180-acre youth soccer complex, in Johnson County, KS with a 15-20,000 seat stadium for the MLS club as its centerpiece. The ballot question calls for only the funding of the youth fields. Funding of a future stadium is not on the ballot, but likely depends on passage of funding for the fields. A "No" vote will likely doom the Wiz to relocation, with Philadelphia a likely target.


Vinnie 12:52 PM  

Speaking of local politics, I hope someone else (most likely you, Sever) caught the clip yesterday of Rod Blagojevich stumping for Todd Stroger, saying, "Give a nod for Todd, and then give a nod for Rod" or something like that. It was truly one of the all-time great moments in public rhetoric.

Mike 1:38 PM  

I'm surprised G-Rod left out Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut.

Yikes. As if I needed another reason to vote for Tony Peraica.

Baranowski,  6:47 PM  

My bet is the KC one goes down in flames, since they rejected a renovation plan for Arrowhead Stadium eariler this year I believe.

Interesting the Vikings are taking their stadium plan to the suburbs. I guess after Minneapolis/Hennepin County gave the University of Minnesota and the Twins funding/sales tax increases for new stadiums, the Vikings are figuring they need to look elsewhere. If these guys don't win in Anoka the Vikings will probably turn their lonely eyes to L.A.

The next big funding crisis, I bet, will be Milwaukee and the Bradley Center, since Kohl is undoubtedly putting the Bucks up for sale after the election. It's gonna be a real interesting battle, considering that the Bucks have never had a publicly funded arena and the bitter taste in the mouths of Milwaukee area residents after the Miller Park debacle.

P.S. Republicans hold house 219-215-1 (loss of 13), Republicans hold Senate 53-45-2 (loss of 2).

Mike 8:34 PM  

Well, be sure to figure out who "they" are, as this ballot measure is up for vote in a different state. Last April, Jackson County, Missouri voters approved the sales tax increase for the renovation of Arrowhead 53%-47%. What you are likely thinking of is the rejection of sales tax increase to fund the "Rolling roof" that would have been used for Arrowhead and Kauffman Stadium. The rolling roof was a separate ballot question, and the result more or less cost KC the Super Bowl, which had been provisionally awarded.

I personally hope your election totals are right, but I fear you are being overly optimistic. Regardless of party affiliation, let's hope that sanity and the well-being of the country can be put ahead of everything. Then again, I remember telling Bechtel that 2 years ago, and it didn't really work out that way.

Nathan 2:36 AM  

Stop it right now you two. I will not have you baby-eating, grandmother-raping Republicans turn this into a politically biased website.

Anonymous,  8:24 AM  

What leads you to believe that the local owners who purchased the Wizards less than two months would move them?

Matt 10:32 AM  

There's a politician in Illinois named Todd Stroger? Awesome! He's got my vote.

Matt 10:32 AM  

Is he any relation to "Airplane!" protagonist Ted Striker?

Mike 10:46 AM  

The Wizards have been subject to relocation rumors for some time now, to either Philly, San Antonio or St. Louis depending on who you talk to.

While OnGoal LLC (their new owners) have the intent of keeping the club in KC, that is largely dependent on securing a soccer-specific stadium.

The Wiz need their own facility to control their revenue streams, and now that they're not getting free rent from Uncle Lamar anymore, Arrowhead is not a viable home for the team. They probably won't move next season, but a No vote throws their future in Kansas City into doubt.

Nathan 12:36 PM  

Baranowski, you should have known better than to make predictions on our site. You've seen how those usually turn out.

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