Chicago Bears Football is about a running back...

>> Sunday

During the Bears-Seahawks game, a lead-in quoted Lovie Smith saying "Chicago Bears Football is about a middle linebacker and a running back," or something to that effect. The camera panned through the Soldier Field collonades with images of Dick Butkus, Mike Singletary (and Urlacher?) for the MLBs and Gale Sayers and Walter Payton for the Running Backs.

Conspicuously absent from the images of Chicago running backs were
Anthony Thomas, Curtis Enis, Craig Heyward, Edgar Bennett, and Rashaan Salaam.

I'm baffled at how their achievements could have been overlooked.

PS: I've heard at least two people on NBC tonight compare Rex Grossman to Brett Favre, and that's two too many for a player who still hasn't played enough games to fill out a full rookie season.

PPS: I'm not ready to shuffle just yet, and won't be till the Bears win the NFC Championship game, but I'm moving closer to relinquishing my title of "Token Prophet of Doom."

They looked awfully good last night.


Vinnie 11:17 PM  

What about Neal Anderson and Raymont Harris? Actually, they were both quite good for a couple years each. From a running back, a few years is usually all you can ask for.

Vinnie 11:18 PM  

Also, it was heartening to see mentions of Erik Kramer tonight.

Vinnie 11:20 PM  

Also, did anyone else catch Madden's almost cartoonish crotchety old man editorialization about guys with odd first names? Classic. Vintage. Delicious.

Patrick 12:03 AM  

Mike, you completely misunderstoof that comment. Chicago Bear football has always been about running the ball and defense and when they have had good teams, they have had both those things working for them. This year, they are still a good running team, but you need to realize that the Bears just played their 4th straight opponent that has a top 12 rushing defense. I don't know what they ran for today, but I'm guessing it was well over 100. The thing that is cool about this year is that they can actually throw the ball, whereas in years past it has been a stretch (although McMahon and Gault was pretty good). So, they are completely cortrect in stating Bear football is about linebackers (arguably the two best ever) and most definitely two of the top 3 best running backs ever.

In addition, people forget Neal Anderson was an All-Pro back and couple have had an unbelievable career had it not been for injuries. Raymont Harris was also quite good in the 90's.

Patrick 12:04 AM  

And about Grossman to Favre, you also misunderstood that. They compared his "gunslinging" attitude to Favre's...not his career

Nathan 2:34 AM  

On the RB/LB thing...
The Bears' history of great players is pretty much limited to middle linebackers and running backs. That was what the two nuts in the booth were trying to say.

On the Favre/Grossman comparision...
Insane. No matter what the comparision, you do not mention the please-don't-touch-me napkin that is Rex Grossman in the same sentance as the Iron Man of football, Brett Favre. When Grossman starts 200 straight games, we'll talk. Until then, no comparision is fair. So Rex is a gunslinger and Brett is a gunsliger...Skol is a vodka and Grey Goose is a vodka.

Yeah, exactly.

Matt Zuchowski 4:14 AM  

Funny, you can't but former Packers GM Ron Wolf can.

Mike 8:14 AM  

I hope the sarcasm was noted.

No sarcasm here. Good call, Nate.

Mike 9:21 AM  

Another curious omission from the list of Bears great running backs that I didn't even think about at first...Red Grange.

Patrick 9:24 AM  
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