Mike Hunt looks sweaty and uncomfortable on TV

>> Thursday

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel sportswriter and resident jagoff Sir Michael Hunt the First, Esquire (commonly known as Mike Hunt) now has a recurring segment on the JS website called "Mike's Monologue."

In this week's segment, Hunt looks like he's recording a hostage tape (especially in the second segment on the Saints return to New Orleans, where he looks extremely uncomfortable).

In this edition, Hunt also handles his jump into multimedia with all the preparation and sense of humor of the hosts of a cable access sports show. He literally looks like he's making this shit up on the spot, attempting to be funny haha, but just ends up being funny tragic/sad/pathetic. Fast forward to about the three-minute mark. He goes from somewhat well-thought-out (albeit fairly obvious) sports commentary into pure rambling gibberish.


Canaan 3:10 PM  

Dig the site. I have no idea who Michael Hunt is, but I can't believe that there is a reporter out there named "Mike Hunt." Priceless. I'd also love to see the video. Sounds awkward and uncomfortable.

Mike 3:33 PM  

Ummm...there's a link in the article. First sentence. Welcome to YCS.

Vinnie's brother,  5:22 PM  

Wow, this video is awful. Obviously he's better off writing than talking on TV... although I think we'd all be better off if he was doing neither.

This video is a pipeball for you guys... I think it was made for the very purpose of being something to criticize on a blog.

Canaan 5:52 PM  

I finally saw the video after imputting "Mike Hunt" into Google and scrolling for hours through the 4.5 million results (a shocking percentage of which contained video and photo of men elbow deep in horses, which seemed unreasonable since what does that have to do with "My Cunt?" Perhaps Google is overrated). If only I had read the comments section earlier and caught Mike's helpful hint. Oh well. Having seen the video, however, I must agree with your assesment, and must also note that it appears that this guy long ago resigned himself to the fact that people weren't interested in seeing what Mike Hunt looked like (doesn't the guy at least have a chicken rib cage lying around that he can run through that oily mane of his?). Only after being held at gunpoint by an editor (hence the glances off to the side) is Mike Hunt available in streaming video, just like any other "Ke-hunt" available in streaming video on the World Wide Web. Kudos, fellas, for opening my eyes to this grotesque troll, and now I will drink heavily into the night, praying that my eyes will forever be closed to him from now on.

Vinnie 11:44 PM  

Yikes. I'm glad I didn't watch it now.

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