NFL Thoughts-Week 8

>> Tuesday

Geez, I did not see that blowout in the Metrodome coming. Brady sure shut those stupid airhorns up.

What the hell happened in Carolina? While I was busy killing brain cells at a wrestling event, Tony Romo ran wild on the Panthers.

Vinnie said it best, I don't think the Steelers will be repeating as Super Bowl champs. In fact, losing to the Raiders should be grounds for forfeiting last year's trophy.

Damn I'm gonna miss watching Shawne Merriman play. Okay, so that may relegate me to Joe Morgan territory, I'll sell my soul for Lights Out.

Peyton Manning does it again. I may be in the extreme minority, but I really want him to shut all the haters up and win that big game soon(just not this year).

Reggie Wayne, Larry Johnson and Ahman Green, a big fuck you guys for collectively ending for my fantasy winning streak.

Seneca Wallace, shockingly respectable quarterbacking play. On the other hand, nice job Seahawks defense for giving up 350 passing yards to a gimpy Damon Huard.

Michael Vick actually mastering the forward pass, who would have thunk it?

Way to go Ravens for ruining the spirit of New Orleans. I hope you can live with yourselves you immoral bastards.

Da Bears 41, 49er's -37. Oh, and it looks like 8% percent of NFL players need a swift kick in the nuts for calling Urlacher overrated.

For once, I could mildly enjoy a Packers win. Can we crown their asses too Sheriff?

Apparently Jack Del Rio must have sent a harsh message to Jaguars last week.

Gary Kubiak's proof the genius of Mike Shanahan spreads way too easily. Seriously, benching your franchise quarterback for Sage Fucking Rosenfels.


Nathan 12:46 AM  

Urlacher is still overrated in the sense that he is the third best defensive player on the Bears (Lance Briggs and Tommy Harris) and arguably -I would aruge-not even the best middle linebacker in the division (Nick Barnett may be the most underrated player in the NFL).

Anyone who gives credit for the Cardinals comeback to Urlacher is retarded, because if it weren't for Harris eating up two blockers a play, Urlacher would not have been anywhere near those plays.

Nathan 12:49 AM  

And if Mike Brown were healthy, Urlacher would be #4.

Vinnie 12:55 PM  

Brown over Urlacher? I'll defer to the Matts on this one, but that sounds like a stretch to me. Harris, yeah, that's probably fair to say.

I would agree that Urlacher is overrated in its truest sense (just as Jeter was in the SI baseball poll). It's hard for anyone's abilities to live up to that level of celebrity. He could very well be the best defensive player in the NFL yet still be overrated if he garners twice the attention of the second-most popular defensive player.

And I hate to sound obsessed with race (as I have been lately on this blog), but let's not kid ourselves. The fact that he's white ads to his marketing appeal and popularity among fans.

Matt Zuchowski 2:20 PM  

Lance Briggs is a damn fine football player, but he's the Peter Boulware to Urlacher's Ray Lewis. Now, I would likely agree that Tommie Harris is a better overall football player, but Urlacher is more valuable to the defense. One stat that always get overlooked: in 2004, the Bears went 5-4 with Urlacher, 0-7 without him. That will always be my first thought whenever I hear the crazy overrated talk. Of course, other than possibly Vick, the rest of that overrated list will be in Canton one day.

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