Welcome to Chicago Sweet Lou!

>> Tuesday

Lou Piniella, on behalf of the entire Cubs Nation, I would like to extend an olive branch of peace. Welcome to the Windy City!!! Now that I have gotten the pleasantries out of the way, I would like to ask why in the world would you would want to manage baseball's ultimate laughing stock??? Sure your other options were the Texas Rangers (suck), Washington Nationals (blow), and the San Fran Vets (most of them fought in World War I, right?), but c'mon? Why would you want to cripple your Hall of Fame credentials for this lousy team?

Despite all of these questions, I am very pleased Jim Hendry did not sucommb to retarded Cubs fans whom believed that Girardi is a better option as a manager. Yes, a couple months ago, I wanted to the Cubs to bring in Girardi and I even stated that the Cubs should trade anyone and everyone to get him here from the Marlins. But that was based on the assumption that Torre was going to be fired (if anyone thought the Yankees were going to win the Series with that pitching, you are fit for admission into an insane assylum) and Piniella would be rehired. Jim Hendry made the right decision by not pursuing Joe Girardi, whom might end up here four years from now anyways.

Some might say, who the hell cares, a manager does not win many games during a 162 game season. But, you need to realize that a manager certainly can lose many games for his ball club. Some examples are retarded hit and runs, bunting, and the Don Baylor "righty vs. righty and visa versa" rule. Sweet Lou is not one to go by the rule book and that is why I think he can succeed in Chicago.

But, in order for Piniella to be put in a winnable situation, Jim Hendry needs to do something with the 115-120 million he will be given by the Tribuine Company. (From now on, I had better not hear any bullshit about the Tribune Company not wanting to win. Anytime one spends that much, he intends to win!) Obviously the Cubs have some big holes to fill, but with that kind of money, it is hard to believe that Hendry won't be able to put quality guys in those holes.

But if the Cubs fail under Piniella, we can take solice in knowing that there will be some memorable meltdowns in the Cubbie uni. Plus Lee Elia is rumored to be the bench coach (by the way, what the hell does a bench coach do?). Think of the possibilities!!!!

Ultimately, welcome Sweet Lou, hopefully Chicago doesn't sour yourself.


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