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>> Sunday

Don't pick up the Chicago Tribune sports page today. By taking this step, you will be able to avoid the infuriating giant cover graphic titled as a movie poster. "1985 REDUX," and the inside graphic highlighting each of the players on the Super Bowl Shuffle album cover, and matching them to their modern-day counterparts. The paper says that they're the same based on their personalities, however, closer examination reveals more similarity in their positions.

Rex Grossman is Jim McMahon
Thomas Jones is Walter Payton
Robbie Gould is Kevin Butler

Just do yourself a favor and don't read the Trib today.


Patrick 1:16 PM  

Hey, I think it is funny...whats wrong with having some fun???? And don't forget, Lance Briggs is Otis "Mama's Boy" Wilson.

Based on your pessimistic attitude, if you are rooting for the Bears come playoff time, everyone is going to call you out.

Mike 2:42 PM  

It's not pessimism. I'm more optimistic about this Bears team than I have been in a long time, however.

Fortune-telling Super Bowl glory is ALWAYS premature in early October.

Any comparison to the 1985 Bears BEFORE the 2006 or any Bears team wins a Super Bowl is unfair to both the '85 team and the current squad. After this Bears team makes it to the Super Bowl, I'll be plenty happy to compare them.

Remember when RW McQuarters recorded a new version of the Super Bowl Shuffle in 2001?

Remember when all the pregame shows last year were called "Charge for the Championship" or something like that?

Weren't the Colts supposed to win the Super Bowl last season?

Believe me, I'm more optimistic about this Bears team, and they're playing better every week.

However, there is still a LOT of football left to be played and while I want the Bears to win, I don't want anyone to get ahead of themselves. We've been down that road before.

Vinnie 3:42 PM  
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Vinnie 3:43 PM  

That sounds pretty cowardly to only compare them once the results are the same--the point being that people who know lots about football have compared their great players to other great players and this team to other great teams.

Having been one or two years old in '85, none of us has the luxury to make any rational comparison. If they compare favorably on talent, why not compare them? I think it's crazy to say that you can only fairly compare teams once they've attained the same level of accomplishment.

Also, seeing as you posted that at 2:42, you obviously did so after watching them destroy the Bills like it was a USC playing Montana St. I know the crazy urge to compare every good Bears team to '85 gets really old, but if you're talking about pure talent and ability, why not compare them to the '85 Bears or any other great team?

Having said all that, the Trib thing is pretty cornball.

Matt 7:30 PM  

I was hoping that you were using the joke from "Grumpy Old Men" and were going to say "Do yourself a favor, pull your lip over your head and swallow." Oh, that Walter Matthau, a real cut-up, if you ask me.

Mike 8:33 PM  

I'm hoping that the Bears win the Super Bowl if for no other reason than so we can stop comparing every winning Bears team to the '85 team.

PS: They indeed whooped the shit out of Buffalo. I'm convinced they (Da Bears) are for real. I'll eat my pre-season crow and admit I was wrong (I thought they'd be 2-3 or 3-2 at this point). I won't soothsay on the end game of their season, but they're awful fun to watch.

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