A Yellow Chair Christmas

>> Monday

Christmas morn' is only a week away (and Chanukah has already started, Danny). So with only a few days of shopping left, it's time for YCSNation to drop a quick note to YCSanta Claus. Sure you could give the mall Santa a load of crap about how good you've been this year, but that's exactly what it would be.

Sure you're jonesin' for some pretty cool shit under the tree, but what do you REALLY want for Christmas? Something your Aunt Grace can't fit in a small box with a bow? Perhaps something slightly more intangible?...things that will make you happier than any iPod or crappy sweater ever could? Well, that's where YCSanta Claus comes in. He probably won't give it to you, (and odds are, the exact opposite will happen) but it never hurts to ask.

ie) Mike wants... At least one Bears playoff win, at least one trophy (preferably an MLS Cup) for the Fire next year, for Marquette's Jerel McNeal to have a couple of games here and there where he doesn't turn the ball over like 5 times, the slow, painful death of Dave O'Brien and for everyone to stop talking about expanding the NCAA tournament once and for all.


Vinnie 12:47 PM  

Jim Hendry's head on a platter. Wait, no...violence accomplishes nothing. How about Jason Marquis's 2007 salary instead? Just think of the things I could buy with $7million. I think the first would be a hit on Jim Hendry.

Matt 12:49 PM  

I'd like the amount of freedom and the lack of accountability in my job that Matt Millen gets. That would be awesome. Or, make me head coach of the Packers. Either way.

Nathan 1:25 PM  

All I want for Christmas is another classic matchup between the Lakers and the Heat...has anyone heard from ABC whether that's going to happen or not?

Mike 1:50 PM  

The Heat have it posted on their website that they will be playing the Lakers on Christmas to be broadcast on ABC.

Matt 4:47 PM  

Aaaand, Sever missed the joke. That's all I need for Christmas, another year of Sever's cluelessness. Way to go, Baranowski, Jr.

Mike 4:57 PM  

Man, if I did, I WAY missed it. If it's in reference to anything that has been said on PTI, ESPN, Around the Horn, etc, keep in mind that I do not have ESPN in my 1992 Time capsule of a house, so enlighten me.

Vinnie 7:12 PM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vinnie 7:14 PM  

The joke is simply that the Christmas day game has been that same matchup for the last couple years (ever since Shaq went to Miami evidently), as it will be again this year. So basically, Nate, though fully aware of this fact, is playing ignorant to mock the predictability of it. But it's ok. The joke will ultimately be on Nate when his kid turns out to be as crazed as the kid in that video. I wonder what became of this kid. I'm guessing dropout. Actually, what's even funnier is imagining that that video is really from last Christmas, and those kids were just too dumb to realize their parents gave them a ten year-old product.

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