Random Thoughts While Eating My Wheaties This Morning

>> Tuesday

- LaDainian Tomlinson's MVP caliber season may be the best performace by a running back since The Juice starred as a San Fracisco gumshoe in the 1983 hit "Cocaine and Blue Eyes." Afterall, who would have thought that beneith his hard - boiled dick personality that he had a tender heart ... Uh yeah, thats what I thought.

- In Tuesday's edition of the Chicago Sun-Times, Bibiana Julian ("America's Sexiest Cheerleader" according to FHM)is pictured showing a little more than her wonderful personality ... which prompts me wonder when that blue-haired bitch Virginia McCaskey will allow the HoneyBears back into Soldier Field. With the way things have gone under her "Reign of Terror," I wouldn't be surprised if she tried to appease fans by allowing the original HoneyBears back to shake their moneymakers....Weirder things have happened before.

- Congrats to Chicagoan and Golden Eagle Dwyane Wade for being selected as SI's Sportsman of the Year...that said, if I hear one more Marquette student / alum root for his Miami Heat to beat the Bulls (or for you Milwaukee Buck fans) or Bucks, I just might have to take my 3 - wood and beat some sense into that individual. Look, yeah he was great at Marquette (for two years), but it's time for people to stop sucking this guys dick because he went to the same school as many of us did. Remember, he plays on the same team as Gary Payton ... thats worth something.

- The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are 8.5 point Dogs (54.5 total pts) to LSU in the Sugar Bowl. While I believe the Irish will get just manhandled against LSU (how come all the Tiger players look like they're 35???) I do think they were the best team available (except for maybe Auburn). And please, now one had better bring up the fact Wisconsin went 11-1 this year and lost only to Michigan ... if Badger fans want to bitch and moan, try directing that toward athletic director Barry Alvarez (not sure who is predecessor was) for scheduling powerhouses such as Buffalo, Western Illinois, Bowling Green, and San Diego State. Not to mention that beyond Ohio State, Michigan, and MAYBE Wisconsin, the Big Ten blew this year. I know you can't control how good your conference will be year in and year out, but when you schedule teams that should be playing D-III football, you should not be playing in a BCS Bowl. That said, take the over on the LSU - ND game ... LSU will put up at least 35 on the Irish.

Whew ... feels great to get that off my chest. I eagerly await your responses


Vinnie 12:43 PM  

I absolutely love the title of this post because it harkens the image of you sitting at the breakfast table in your bathrobe with a steaming cup of coffee and soggy cereal in front of you, holding the newpaper and making comments like "Would you believe this guy?" to yourself.

And what's more, I bet that's a dead-on description.

Mike 1:05 PM  

Don't forget the runner's hat, shaven legs, and the same bowl of soggy cereal still on the table in mid-afternoon.

Nathan 2:02 PM  

Wait, Pat owns a bathrobe? I thought the only article of clothing he was allowed to wear before noon were those shamrock boxers of his.

Patrick 3:13 PM  

Actually, I have upgraded ... I only wear silk now

Anonymous,  5:19 PM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vinnie 7:29 PM  

I wouldn't be so quick to talk, Mr. Plate Of Congealed Remains From Hideous Meal Prepared By Irishman Without Cooking Skills Still Sitting On Coffee Table After Three Days.

Oh yeah...Can I get an "Aw, snap!" from the congregation?

Nathan 2:09 AM  

Awwwww, SNAP!

Mike 8:23 AM  

I'm actually a damn good cook now. Sunday I'm making Paella. You should come and see for yourself.

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