It's a Festivus miracle!

>> Friday

Because our YCS staff is such a muddled mix of Catholics, non-Catholic Christians, godless heathens, and Jew (draw whatever distinctions you must among the latter three), there's really only one holiday we can agree upon this time of year. That's right--it's only one day until Festivus! So to celebrate (in what's become a rather tired gimmick but one we enjoy anyway), it's time for all of us in YCSNation to tell the sports world--as well as our fellow members--how they've disappointed us throughout the last year.

So let the Airing of Grievances begin!

(Reader participation is strongly encouraged. This is your invitation to really let us know how much you think we suck. Or just how much Jim Hendry sucks. Your call.)


Anonymous,  1:43 PM  

Nice Blog, some interesting info and thoughts, a bit radical for me at times but thats ok.

Mach,  2:09 PM  

Tim Higgins has disappointed me greatly this year with his long-distance foul calls, and over all elfish appearance.

Dan Mega 3:06 PM  

I hate it how Stern refuses to punish Isaiah Thomas for sending one of his thugs after the Nuggets.

Mike 5:09 PM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mike 5:10 PM  

Mike's 2006 Shit List

Dave O'Brien = Idiot

Clint Dempsey = Bad rapper, marginal footballer

AJ Pierzynski (sp?)= Punk, but can play good and stuff

Tim Higgins = Blind at best, biased at worst

Anonymous posters= Leave your name. What are you afraid of?

Landon Donovan = Pussy/Underachiever

Carmelo Anthony = Coward

Vinnie 5:44 PM  

You're just angry at "anonymous" because he was talking about you with that "a bit radical" stuff. I know for a fact that the "interesting info and thoughts" part was referring to me. Thanks "anonymous"! I'm a fan of you too.

Anyway, keep 'em coming everyone!

Nathan 7:28 PM  

My grievances against one Mike Sever:
(1) MLS Posts
(2) Using stats to pretend like he knows stuff about stuff
(3) A strange, unfounded (as far as I can tell), hatred for Carmelo Anthony

Mike 12:06 AM  

To explain my issue with Carmelo. I had no complaints with Melo until the brawl last weekend. I even didn't have a problem when he threw a punch (see earlier post on Bob Probert, and my disgust at not having one fight at the Hawks 3-1 win tonight), but when Melo threw a punch and then ran away, that turned from sticking with your teammates to just being a coward. If you want to fight so badly, then stand your ground and fight. Besides, Melo's small potatoes. I have much more hatred for Tim Higgins and Dave O'Brien.

To reciprocate YCS's most forced and phony rivalry, my grievances against Nate Franklin.
1.) Borderline pretentious use of "One Mike Sever" as if there were a possibility he could have been referring to another Mike Sever on YCS.
2.) Strange obsession with disliking soccer. (No, check that. This may surprise some of you, but I'm actually very OK with that, cause I'll be the first to admit it's an acquired taste for most Americans, and it's not for everyone, just like any other sport), but at times, he seems to go out of his way to be a soccer-basher.
3.) Occasionally mistakes disagreement with or inquisitiveness into his point of view for outright error and attacks.

Happy Festivus to all.

Vinnie 12:43 AM  

Whozzitz calling who pretentious in the what now?

"Hello Kettle. I am Pot. You are black. You are also made of metal and often contain boiling water. I disparage you for these qualities."

Vinnie 12:45 AM  

By the way, I'm so happy that this has devolved in a trading of petty insults, just as I'd intended.

Nathan 9:46 AM  

My grievances are with one (1) Mike Sever. I have no problem with that Kirk Cameron guy.

Also, as long as we're calling the kettle black, Sever has a big fat Mick head.

Mike 10:50 AM  

Vinnie is a scheming manipulator to pit us against each other like this in this most festive season.

Matt Zuchowski 12:18 PM  

Damn you Blunda for ending my chance at 100 samoleons, that would have been a good first year's salary for me. Kenny Williams, why in the fuck did you re-sign Scott Podsednik. His uselessness at the plate and in the field could have been replaced by a good young prospect in Ryan Sweeney or even Josh Fields. And damnit, why can't Devin Hester have an ounce of intelligence to match his awesome talent. Also, reymundo and other douchebags who feel the need to insult us in the comments section, you can kiss the fattest part of my ass. Finally, can't I hoodwink some employer into hiring me: and no, I ain't selling your shitty, overproduced products door-to-door.

Baranowski,  9:45 PM  

I would like to air the following grievances:

Tank Johnson for keeping firearms and pitbulls in a house with small children, and then going out the night after being arrested for gun possession.

Jeff Van Gundy for never playing Steve Novak.

The NCAA officiating trio of Tim Higgins, Jim Burr, and Ed Hightower.

Everyone who sent a get well card or letter to Barbaro.

The NFL Network for hiring the race-baiting monotone Bryant Gumbel to call their games.

Adam Morrison for being such a pussy.

Isiah Thomas. For being Isiah.

Marquette athletics for increasing the price of my season tickets 60% for next year.

The entire BCS and bowl system. Like I really give a crap about 2 6-6 teams in the New Mexico Bowl.

Any guy who buys his wife or girlfriend a Lexus with a big-ass red bow for Christmas. Thanks for making it harder for the rest of us, douchebags.

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