A New Rivalry in the Making???

>> Friday

In the eighties, we had the Celtics and Showtime. In the nineties, we were blessed with MJ's Bulls and John "Douchebag" Starks' Knicks. Then we went through a lull of rivalries in the NBA (Knicks-Heat, are you kidding?) until that jackass James Posey clothesline Luol Deng midway through the 4th quarter of the Bulls-Heat game Wednesday night.

This was not the only incident Posey has been involved in against the Bulls. In last years playoffs, Posey made Tie Domi proud by hip-checking Kirk Hinrich (who was about to finish off the Heat in game 4 with a breakaway layup) into the Heat bench. Posey, immediately was ejected and suspended for the next game by "David "Commish" Stern. During the "ring ceremony" game (which the Bulls pasted the Heat by 42), Posey broke the rook Tyrus Thomas' nose. Now, we has the balls the take out one of the Bulls "Dynamic British duo" (Gordon is the other).

To make things even more HEATed, Pat Riley and "Napoleon" Skiles have been at each other's throats the past two nights. Riley, talking about the unfortunate incident of Wade's sprained wrist, blamed Hinrich for grabbing Wade who was trying to get around a screen set up by Udonis Hasslem. It was "a tactic down below the body - the official can't see it."

In retaliation, Skiles (who has to still be fuming about his loss of hair at the tender age of 12) stated, "Pat's an expert on tactics, so I'll leave it at that." But of course, he didn't leave it at that. Skiles goes on to say that there's a signal being sent that they want to get Wade to the free throw line 50 times a game.

Now, in my humble opinion, the next time the Bulls play the Heat (there are two more games left), don't be surprised if Big Ben knocks the Vanilla out of Jason Williams as he drives in the paint(although, White Chocolate has always wanted to be chocolate, so he might send Big Ben a fruitcake after the game).

Trust me fellas, this is the start to a brutal rivalry. One that will get general sports fans interested in the NBA again. Lets just wait and see what the Bulls pitbull coach will have in store for those thugs from Miami next time they meet on the hardwood.


Vinnie 12:47 PM  

Yet still no real fights. I wonder how St. Dwyane will handle himself in a brawl when that day comes.

Vinnie 12:58 PM  

By the way, that's the most typos I think I've ever seen. Buuuut...I'm too lazy to fix them.

Patrick 1:23 PM  

Yeah, I only slept 4 hours last night, so I really don't give a damn about the errors ... but I think Wade would get his ass kicked by Noch if there were a brawl

Patrick 3:03 PM  

That reminds me though, Noch knock Wade around a bit in last years playoffs--much to my delight

Nathan 6:15 PM  

You know, a team from Chicago is not a necessary component for a rivalry. The Lakers and Queens had a good thing going for a while. Dallas and Phoenix hate each other. The Pistons/Pacers rivalry has had some interesting moments. And the Knicks didn't hate MJ nearly as much as they hated the Great Reggie Miller.

Admittedly, there hasn't been anything to measure up to Magic's Lakers and Bird's Celtics, but don't completely disqualify rivalries that don't involve the Bulls. Hell, the more interesting developing rivalry could be The Battle for Los Angeles (phrase coined by me and no one else) between the Lakers and Clippers.

Patrick 9:50 AM  

Nope, the world revolves around Chicago, you should know that Nate

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