Beckham to LA a done deal in Andrea Canales' mind, and in Microsoft Paint, but nowhere else

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It appears that ESPN's Andrea Canales is trumpeting the immenent arrival of David Beckham in the states when the Winter Transfer Window opens on January 1, 2007.

Frankly, I'll believe it when I see it. Don't get me wrong, Canales has a relatively well-written article compared to some of the fluff pieces on the subject that are out there, but she makes a couple of big slipups.

Comment the foist
People get sidetracked into discussions as to whether such a move would torpedo the slim chance the famous midfielder might have to regain his spot on the English national team, whether such an arrival would do for MLS what Pele's once did for the North American Soccer League and whether Beckham would use such a transfer as an opportunity to launch a film career.

1.) I would be very surprised if Beckham ever suits up for England again. 2.) Pele in the NASL played to crowds much smaller than what MLS draws today. 3.) Movie career? Who the fuck is talking about that besides your friends at the beauty salon in a "Wouldn't it be dreamy if..." context? If Beckham on camera off the field is anything like he was like with Ali G, I would advise him to stay out of film. Especially in comedic roles. Beckham didn't even appear in "Bend it like Beckham," for crying out loud. They used game tape and a look-alike. Becks couldn't even play himself! That makes him a worse actor than Shawn Bradley. Maybe he can play extra #4.

Comment the second
Yet too many signs point in the direction of Beckham coming to MLS to be ignored.
It's not just that Beckham has lost his regular place with his club team, Real Madrid, and no doubt longs to be wanted, or perhaps even badly needed, as a player again.With the Beckhams having developed recent friendships with Hollywood power players, there's also the telling sign that his wife, Victoria, has also been spotted house hunting in Los Angeles.

So Becks is on the outs whilst riding pine in Madrid, and Real are looking to unload him. Yea, I'm sure that no other clubs would be interested in his services. Also, again with this movie thing? Yeesh. And also, Hoooooooooooooooooooooo shit! They're house-hunting in LA! People with as much money as the Beckhams couldn't POSSIBLY afford multiple homes! They're probably bubble-wrapping their dinnerware as we speak. Posh is probably writing "glasses" in magic marker on the boxes as we speak while David struggles with the tape.

Comment the Thoyd
Andrea Canales has overlooked the pretty necessary point that it is not up to Becks where he goes. Becks is not a free agent. He's still under contract with Real Madrid through the end of this season. To obtain his services, MLS would hav e to offer the folks at the Bernabeu a transfer fee, and it's up to them whether to take it or not. Is Beckham's value relatively low? You bet. You know what that means? That everyone has a shot. If MLS ponies up, say, a $14 million transfer fee, and a team treading water in the Premiership, say, Bolton Wanderers, whose home stadium is only slightly bigger than the Home Depot Center, (and whose finances are in much better shape than the Galaxy's,) offers a $20 million transfer fee, guess what? Becks ain't goin' to Cali'.

In conclusion, is it possible that the Home Depot Center is a destination? Sure. Is it likely? Perhaps. But let's wait till the ink is dry...or even bottled before declaring it a certainty. Especially when another MLS target, Portugal's Luis Figo recently signed with a Saudi Arabian club, disspelling rumors that he was heading to America.

Only a few weeks ago, the soccer-covering media jumped the gun in announcing who the next coach of the US National Team would be. Oh yea, how'd that turn out?

Fool me twice....


Vinnie 7:31 PM  

Second paragraph, seventh-to-last word: "she"

That's all I really needed to know right there.

Then again, since soccer is such a girly sport, it makes sense that a girl could write about it just as well as some girly man could. What a girly girl sport. Why don't you stop writing about soccer and go play with the girls where you belong, girly man.

Matt 7:55 PM  

Who the fuck gives a fuck? Fuck.

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