Jason Marquis? For real? Nah, you must be thinking of someone else. Wait, ftor how much?! Ha, good one. Seriously, what were you really gonna tell me?

>> Saturday

How does one make a player on the fringes of not even being in the league one of the HIGHEST-PAID GUYS ON THE ROSTER????? And further, how does one commit to this awful player for THREE YEARS????

Consider this: even in Jason Marquis's reputed "good season" in 2004, he only managed a 1.42 WHIP, and he's notched less than one strikeout per every two innings since '05. Also consider this: the Cubs will be paying Jason Marquis roughly twenty times the amount they would pay [insert name of favorite young, crappy Cubs pitcher] to pitch--in all likelihood--almost as poorly. Also consider this: Jason Marquis evidently gets confused when someone points a camera at him.

I don't say this just because I'm a Cubs fan overreacting. I genuinely believe this is among the few worst free agent signings I can ever remember. It doesn't bother me as a Cubs fan nearly as much as it bothers me as a baseball fan or as an intelligent person with a basic understanding of economics. This is crazy. Just freaking crazy. And now word has it that the Cubs are hot to sign Cliff Floyd, no doubt for some amount that will also cause me to flip out.

Jim Hendry needs to stop. He needs an intervention. He needs to be bound and gagged. Something. (I'll hold off on any "intentional malpractice" comments because that might be crossing the line. Pat--you can handle that.)

Man, this offseason's been ridiculous.


Patrick 10:42 AM  

Yeah I agree with you on this offseason being very odd...I remember being upset when Hendry signed Ramirez a couple weeks ago because I naturally thought that put them out of the Soriano derby, but when they signed Soriano a couple days later, I was just thrilled. I do think that him, Ramirez, and Lee (if healthy) will put of fantastic numbers next year and because of this, I think Hendry should be applauded.

Then Gamblin' Jim signed Lilly...I do not really mind this deal because who else coupld the Cubs gotten? Gil Meche? I would rather have Lilly than Jason Schmidt (did his fastball even hit 95 last year?) whom obviously has lost some stuff since the Balco thing began two years ago. So I guess I don't care one way or another about the Lilly deal...he would be a nice #4 starter for any team, did they overpay him, yes, but that was gonna happen anyways.

As far as the Jason Marquis signing, I guess I would have to lean towards Vinnie's point, but again I really don't mind the Cubs signing him. Now if Hendry can somehow get Jennings from Colorado and get rid of that jack-ass in Left Field, the rotation looks pretty good (in my opinion at least). Zambrano, Lilly, Hill, Marquis, Wade, and hopefully Prior (who will be healthy all year, his contract is coming to an end). And if they can get Jennings, this rotation will be formidable.

What I would like to Cubs to do is also release / trade Izturis. I know Ronny had a tough year, but I still think he is promising enough to play him. Murton has already established himself as an everyday type player (and I think he has enough fan support to hinder any move to the bench).

Overall, the off-season has at least been very interesting

Vinnie 9:34 PM  

I agree that Izturis has to go because he can't hit. But not for Cedeno because best indication is that he's as bad, if not worse. I would've WAY rather seen them overpay for Lugo than for Lilly or Marquis. I will absolutely not defend these signings at all.

I'd like to see them work out better than I expect, but I just don't see it happening. I'd much rather watch Marmol or Guzman get knocked around and hopefully develop at rookie salary than watch Lilly and Marquis give up 70 dingers this year.

I think that Jennings trade would've made more sense than the Marquis signing, but at this point, it might be mediocre veteran pitcher overkill. And as bad as Jones is in the field, they don't exactly have anyone to fill his spot right now, except maybe taking a huge gamble with Pagan. And I don't even wanna hear the name Cliff Floyd.

I was happy about Hendry's two marquee (not Marquis) signings, but everything else has been a ridiculous waste of cash. Lugo was the one other rumored name that would've been worth it, but of course, he's the one guy they passed on.

Hendry sucks.

Baranowski,  9:40 PM  

The scary thing is, with the way the market for pitching has been recalibrated this year, Marquis' deal is downright reasonable.

Was Jason Bere or Jose Guzman not available?

Patrick 10:28 AM  

The funny thing is that the CUBS have been the ones dictating the market...not the Yanks or the bums from Boston.

Anonymous,  7:47 PM  

The deal hasn't been announced yet, so there's a chance that the Cubs haven't actually signed him. This is what keeps me going.

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