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>> Wednesday

According to reports, the NFL will begin endorsing condoms with team logos printed on them. For all you Bears fans, support your team by wearing the blue for home games and the white when your team is away. And if you want to be adventurous, please your woman by wearing the alternate orange.

Imagine what your significant other will think when you slip a Chargers condom ... that you're thunder and lightning in the bed. Other favorites will be : Giants, Rams, and Colts.

With the ensuing responses, lets try to keep this discussion classy, although that might be a GIANT request.


Mike 8:53 AM  

In related news: NFL statistics show scoring has increased by 20 percent this season.


Nathan 11:12 AM  

We could see a large decrease in people conceived in an NFL parking lot during crazy tailgate parties.

Nathan 11:14 AM  

Also, stay away from the Raiders condoms. There's no way that they're not faulty.

Mike 11:20 AM  

Are the Raiders, Steelers, Falcons, Panthers, and Saints home jersey styles bigger than their road whites?

Matt 3:10 PM  

One question: What's the source on this? I have a hunch Pat made this up...

Mike 7:59 PM  

OK one more

Officially licensed Arizona Cardinals condoms, from blowing a lead on the field, to making sure you don't blow a load in your woman.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm done.

(for now)

Patrick 8:01 PM  

No, I heard it this morning on the Mike North show .. he was ranting on it

Vinnie 8:52 PM  

Mike North. There's a credible source. Maybe he'll bring it up again tomorrow amisdt "Jag Bag Thursday."

Nathan 12:52 AM  

I've actually heard this rumor before, but at this point I don't think it can be proven to be anything more than hearsay.

That said, here's another hilarious potential anecdote...

(Scene: Curtains fluttering, man and woman getting intimate)
Woman: Do you have protection?
Man: Ummmmmm
Woman: It's okay, I have one in my purse.
(Man turns over and digs through her purse)
Man: Um, this is a Chiefs condom.
Woman: So?
Man: So?! I'm from Denv-look, I'll just pull out, okay?

Mike 11:24 AM  

I wonder if the individual teams will advertise their brand over the other teams for certain situations, like "Buy Denver Broncos Condoms, for the best protection in the league." or "Buy your limited edition Chad Johnson autographed condom, for when you really need to go deep."

PS: If the Bengals condom is just the stripes, that could look pretty messed up. You might want to get that checked out.

Matt Zuchowski 12:10 AM  

Fuck condom jokes, I want to know where these crazy tailgate parties are that Nate speaks of.

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