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After the debacle following the reigns of their previous two coaches, there will be one thing I can guarantee has been mandated in this search: Indiana's next coach must be white.

Current leader in the clubhouse, Tony Bennett, had your prototypical white boy game, not to mention his extremely white father Dick Bennett. In fact, being the son of such a crusty older gentleman gives Bennett the boost his age (38) and NBA experiences would have hindered.

Now, should Bennett rebuff Indiana, the next options would most definitely be as white, if not whiter. Former Stanford coach Mike Montgomery, plenty white, what with his failure to reign in those NBA players being a major plus. Lon Kruger would be the slightly younger, but more well traveled version of Montgomery.

In fact, in preparing for this post, I may or may not have overheard the following conversation between the Blue Ribbon Committee and Indiana AD Rick Greenspan:

BRC: "We really like this Anthony Grant fellow, nice success at VCU and great pedigree at Florida, where he played a big part in recruiting the back-to-back national champions. Also, he should be relatively affordable."

Greenspan: "I don't know, I tried making a bold hire with Sampson and we all saw how that ended. Between you guys and I, I feel awfully lucky to still be employed. This Grant character, while likely successful and a good recruiter in all, would upset the old apple cart a bit. A young coach whose team averages more than 70 points a game, we do not want any of that at Indiana."

BRC: "All right, we understand your apprehension here, Grant is a bit inexperienced and all. Okay, we have always been impressed with this Tom Crean guy. An experienced coach, going on a decade at Marquette with a Final Four, recruited multiple NBA players and participated in 5 NCAA Tournaments."

Greenspan: "While this seems to be a good hire, you have to look beneath the surface here. His team plays a little fast for my taste and boy he seems focused on these damn quick players that like to run and dunk. While some fans wanted that James player, I applauded Mike Davis for passing on such a showman like, undisciplined kid that must be an Indiana transplant. He was definitely no Tom Coverdale or Kyle Hornsby, that I can tell you."

BRC: "All right, I guess you spoke with Bo Ryan for advice, so Crean's out. All right, we have one more candidate for you, John Calipari. You had to impressed with what they did the other night, beating your conference rivals like a drum"

Greenspan: All right, stop with this fucking charade. Who in the hell gave you these candidates, and don't they understand what Indiana basketball is supposed to be about. If we want to get back to winning national titles, we need to bring in a coach who recruits fundamentally sound, disciplined players who buy into the Indiana way. These guy have so been lacking in intangibles, it's not funny. Fuck it, you guys are clearly no help, I'm handling this shit on my own."

Personally, my recommendation for your next Indiana coach can be seen in the image on the upper right.


Patrick 11:19 AM  

While I worry Indiana might be targeting Tom Crean once again, I find it interesting that no one has been talking about this rumor: Rick Carlisle to Indiana. He wants to coach, would be a younger and slightly mellower version of Bob Knight and has an NBA pedigree which might be enticing to recruits.

Patrick 11:21 AM  

That would almost be too perfect of a hire for the Hoosiers...but they'll blow it by hiring old and crotchety Mike Montgomery. BTW, how did that NBA experiment pan out?

Zuch 12:07 PM  

Although I rode the white angle for all it's worth (and then some), Indiana's hire does have to be affordable, as word has it they cannot afford a steep buy out (hence no Crean, Sean Miller, Rick Pitino in serious consideration).

The General,  3:41 PM  

What about Scott Skiles? Indiana native, former Big 10 star, would probably come reasonably cheap, especially since I believe the Bulls are still paying him most of his last contract. His coaching style and demeanor would probably be a great fit in the college game.

Vinnie 9:54 PM  

Should they hire Bennett, you can rest assured that I will never, ever watch Big Ten baskeball again.

Patrick 11:06 AM  

The thing is Bennett would probably be the wrong hire...

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