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>> Tuesday

Not sports related, but file this one under "I" for "I can't believe the New York Post would even sink this low." This is tackier than almost 25% of my post titles:


Vinnie 11:42 AM  

Game: Who can top this headline both in terms of crassness and punniness?

Anonymous,  12:24 PM  

you know how 2005 was called Soxtober by the Chicago media? And MLS fans call the MLS playoffs Socctober, I hope to hell Steve Spurrier can turn his team around, get a number 1 ranking by midseason and have every paper declare it:

Mike 2:10 PM  

Never compare any MLS fan to Rob Stone, or his lame attempt at a catch-phrase. Not even in jest.

Mike 2:12 PM  

Also, around these parts, March Madness was taken by the MVC Tournament into "Arch Madness" which then came full circle and turned into the equally lame "March to the Arch."

Just to follow March-->Arch-->March.

Anonymous,  3:49 PM  

my apologies, my wit will no longer be so PUNishing

Matt 7:46 PM  

Come on, none of these come close to topping the one used about the Ravens last year - "So Ravenous"

Also, I think UW's student section name is totally stupid "The Grateful Red." Gay.

Casey 9:20 PM  

gee the 'Rocktober' rally cry for the Colorado Rockies was a little short on originality.

Vinnie 10:35 PM  


I meant for you to come up with an original punny title for this story... or, alternately, some other story. I was trying to recreate the Pokey Chatman limmerick contest, and you blew it.

(That is, I blew it by not articulating my goals. Whoops.)

Vinnie 10:36 PM  

e.g. "Eliot Sticks-Whore"

Is that so hard?

Iain 12:06 PM  

Seconds after that photo was taken the Kool-Aid man burst through the wall and siad "HO YEAH!!" Then he smack Aunt Jamamia on the ass.

Zuch 5:21 PM  

Spitzer's Career Swallowed Up


Mike 6:53 PM  

Insert your favorite "Spitzer Finished in a New York minute" double entendre here.

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