The asshole in the Brady Quinn jersey

>> Thursday

As best I can, I always try to put on the veil of objectivity when it comes to sports allegiences. But I make no bones about it--Marquette basketball is where that self-control ends and emotion takes over.

....Which is why I always find a reason to try to hate our oppenents (because, unfortunately, hate is not in my blood). But when it comes to ND, it's so easy to put a face on "I hate your ass, and I want your team to lose."

And that asshole in the Brady Quinn jersey just won the prize tonight.

Asshole--You're obviously not a basketball fan. Your best piece of homerific team apparel is a Brady Quinn jersey, yet you have the gall to stand up clapping, all smug and NDasshole-like, before a TV timeout, to make yourself look good, when, in reality, your Quinn-jersey-wearing is just a defense mechanism so you can say (after hopefully a loss), "AT LEAST WE HAVE A FOOTBALL TEAM!"

Guess what, guy-I-don't-know-and-may-be-a-great-guy-if-I-gave-him-a-chance: You might pride yourself on making more money than our graduates (aggregately), but people like us (MU grads) way more than they like your pompous ass.

Go play/watch golf, and enjoy daddy's privilege, you shallow shit. Don't pretend you're a basketball fan because I know you're not.


Mike 9:50 PM  

I saw that same guy and wanted to punch him square in his smug face.

Vinnie 10:18 PM  

I did punch that guy in the face, voodoo- and mime-like.

Yes, I admit, fandome is still in my soul, as I just hurt my hands clapping too hard after a James jumper.

Mike 11:17 PM  

I am calling my folks at 11:15, knowing they are probably in bed to gloat. This is a repeat of getting up at 6AM in 2006 after the Steve Novak game to gloat.

I think I need help. I take an almost sick, perverse satisfaction out of beating Notre Dame.

Zuch 2:05 PM  

I made sure to keep my entire neighborhood up until the end of the game. I have always thought we were better than ND (and now better be seeded ahead of them as their 14-4 conference record was due to an easy schedule), and beating them down in the second half really felt good.

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