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>> Monday

Quick conversation overheard at work between an older guy--let's call him Zebadiah--and, surprisingly, a young guy in his late-20s--let's call him Curly Joe.

Curly Joe: Did you see Tiger pull out that win yesterday?

Zebadiah: You know, I just did catch the end. My brother called me before the 18th hole. I turned it on just in time to see a war dance.

Curly Joe: Oh, yeah.

Zebadiah: You used to never see that in golf.

Curly Joe: Yeah, it used to be a gentleman's game.

Zebadiah: That's why I can't watch pro basketball.

Curly Joe: Oh yeah. That's all pro sports have become. Showboating. ...But that was pretty cool that Tiger's won--what--five in row?

Zebadiah: Yeah, that's Hogan's record, right?

Curly Joe: I think so.

Zebadiah: I remember seeing Hogan in a tournament down in Tuscaloosa when he was just starting out. Now there was a true gentleman. Never cracked as much as a smirk the entire round. And afterwards, he went around the gallery, shaking hands and kissing babies. He posed for a picture with me, and they ran it in the evening edition of The Post. Afterwards, me and my pals played marbles and danced the Charleston all night.

Curly Joe: I can't wait 'til I'm retired so I can work on my swing all day.

Ok, so maybe the last part is a little made-up and comedically lazy on my part. But come on--golf? Too showboaty?



Mike 1:00 PM  

Anyone else think that crusty olde Zeb was expecting "white man's" in place of "gentleman's" when Curly Joe responded to "You never used to see that in golf"?

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