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>> Monday

I can only imagine the linguistic atrocities being perpetrated on the English language this morning after the Bears' defeat last night to the Cowboys. Favorite whipping boy Rex Grossman probably shouldn't leave the house today.

And it's not as if he was that bad yesterday, it's just that...okay, you know what? Enough is enough. Grossman's not good. It's pretty much a sure thing at this point. The Bears need to cut bait and play Griese and then draft a young guy (but not Andre Woodson, cuz he'll be good and I hate the Bears).

So, with that, I think we can all pretty much say good night to the Sex Cannon. Being a Brett Favre-like gunslinger is cool and all, but not when you're not trying to throw the requisite touchdowns that need to go with all those fantastically reckless INTs.

Personally, I'm reveling in the pain being felt across Bears nation this morning for one reason: fuck you, Chicago. It's probably over for the Brewers, barring an unprecedented (and, probably unlikely even for the northsiders) collapse, the Cubs are going to take the Central. It's okay, we'll be back next year. But let's get one thing straight, Chicago. You don't do football like Wisconsin does football. The fact that Grossman's (your longest tenured QB since Erik Kramer's 20 straight starts) era is likely at an end has got to sting juuust a little more knowing that number 4 just keeps on rollin.'

So, with that, YCS bids a fond farewell to Grossman. As a Packers fan, I'm obviously disappointed to see him go, and would like to cast my vote for Orton. My reasons are obvious, the NFL just needs more neck bears. Also, let's face it - the only way the Bears can be more boring to watch is by taking away any possibility for big plays. Griese playing basically guarantees that, and that sucks. For Chicago, though, not for me. We've got Favre, remember?

Also, we're 3-0. Eat it, Bearsss.


Zuch 12:28 PM  

You'll like the another potential option even less, which would be trading for McNabb in the offseason. Whomever it may be, I would expect the Bears to address the QB situation through free agency/trade and not take a young guy in the draft. Plus, I think the O-Line desperately need a couple of young guys to step in for Miller and Brown, with one of them hopefully allowing for the move of Tait back to right tackle where he belongs. While Rex has undoubtedly sucked, there are plenty of reasons besides his bad decision making why he has underachieved. Seriously, when did Ron Turner suddenly morph into John Shoop and refuse to call for the deep ball.

Matt 12:53 PM  

Yeah, actually I think you're right. With a team like the Bears where they're not gonna be in full on rebuild mode they'll probably get a vet QB, but that can often be hit or miss. For every Matt Schaub there's like 10 Brad Johnsons out there.

Hey, maybe they could bring back Drew Bledsoe?

Vinnie 1:25 PM  

Not sure what a "neck bear" is, but I can scarcely believe what I'm reading. Touting Orton after you so mercilessly lambasted me for the same thing two years ago?

As for Grossman, I'm never, ever giving up on the guy (even when he's like 50 and out of football for a dozen years). How-ev-ah... I think it's gotten to the point where he has more redeeming to do than Bears fans' patience will allow. I get the feeling we'll see him turn it around in another city, which is a shame because even when he's failing, I love his style.

As Zuch and I have often discussed, I think he'll turn out a lot like Kerry Collins or Jeff George.

Matt 1:50 PM  

1. I can't believe you just openly admitted that you want either Jeff George or Kerry Collins (or a similar player) QBing your team. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

2. I want Orton to play for the same reason I want Hillary to be president - for the jokes, baby. I think he's a lousy QB, but as a Packers fan, I can honestly say that any cold lump you throw out there under center is fine by me.

Zuch 1:59 PM  

In the right situation, having a Kerry Collins or Jeff George is not a bad thing at all. The Bears should be the right situation, as their D (well, before half the starters got injured) can overcome the mistakes a QB like that makes. However, you have to play to that QB's strength and attempt big plays. Unfortunately, Ron Turner/Lovie Smith/whoever the hell is calling the damn plays has turned into a ginormous pussy this offseason and tried to turn Grossman into Jeff Garcia. Also, instead of addressing the glaring need on the O-Line, the Bears decided to take another defensive end (conveniently placed on I-R after he failed to beat out Alex Brown) and a change of pace back that has been in for about 5 plays this season. Boy would Tony Ugoh look really good in a Bears jersey right about now.

Meanwhile, I really hope that Dallas tries franchising Romo, because I don't think the two first round picks deterrent will stop a team (potentially the Bears even) from making a run at him.

Vinnie 8:52 PM  

Look at George '94-'99. Not too shabby.

Patrick 9:09 PM  

Hey Vinnie, isn't it interesting how everyone wants to see Orton after we got blasted a couple years ago???

That said, I think the Bears will probably put Griese in to get into rhythm against a piss poor excuse for a defense in Detroit. That should get him ready for a (finally) good matchup against the Packers. (How long have we waited to see a good Bears and good Packer team play?

I do still think the Bears will win the NFC North, but man, we had better hope those injuries to Briggs, Tommie Harris, Vasher (sounds pretty serious) and Tillman aren't too bad.

And did anyone see hoe terrible Benson is at blocking? Jeez, I long for the days of Curtis Enis

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