"How far will the U.S. men advance in the 2006 FIFA World Cup?"

>> Tuesday

Online polls, particularly espn.com polls, are rather inane regardless of topic, but I especially enjoy questions like these that relate to niche audiences. As I write this, roughly 42,000 people have responded to the poll. I don't know if that's a relatively large number or small number or what percentage of the espn.com readership this represents during the time the question has been up. But I can guess this much--almost none of these respondents actually possess the knowledge to handicap the World Cup field to make an even remotely intelligent and factually based judgement.

I wonder, how many even know which teams are in the U.S.'s pool? Or for that matter, how many know what FIFA stands for? How many just like clicking stuff and watching the colored bars on the bar chart grow?

Better yet...

Yellow Chair Poll:
What level of knowledge do you possess pertaining to the 2006 FIFA World Cup?

A. Know who will win, how they'll win, and by what score
B. Know how far the U.S. will advance
C. Know who is in the U.S. pool
D. Know what FIFA stands for
E. Like to click things

Results will be posted later!

Sever, back me up on this one.


Mike 12:14 AM  

To answer your questions:
Not many.
Italy, Czech Republic, and Ghana.
Federation Internationale de Futbol Association.
A bunch.

All the World Cup Qualifiers do is tell you who the best 32 teams in the World are. After that it is a complete crapshoot.

Nonetheless, that will not prevent me from attempting to handicap the World Cup on www.theproperpitch.blogspot.com (shameless plug)

Matt 1:26 AM  

Dude, I know everything about football. For instance, I could explain in detail both the advantages and drawbacks of a Cover 2 defense and give you a pretty detailed explanation of the rationale behind using a zone blocking scheme as opposed to a man assignment system. Also, I could explain the problems in Vince Young's throwing mechanics and explain while David Carr and Philip Rivers also have unorthodox styles, why Vince Young's delivery is different enough that it will prevent him from being an accurate NFL passer. Wait, what? You're not talking about football? Oh, you are? Wait, you're not? Futbol? What the fuck is futbol?

Nathan 9:26 AM  

I knew what FIFA stands for, and I knew who is in the U.S.'s pool. But that alone would never be enough for me to participate in a survey that is a complete sham. But I sure do like to click things.

Gavin 11:29 PM  

I will be at the World Cup, and also, last I checked the US was ranked #4 in the world... which is insane fo US in soccer. so they could be contenders, but with italy and the czechs it will be tough to come out of this 1st group

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