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Based on that now-infamous SI player poll on the most overrated player in baseball that has been bantied around this blog the last day or two, Derek Jeter was decreed the most overrated player in baseball. Carlos Beltran was #2.

Carlos Beltran....is #2.

Now, I'm not gonna say that Jeter's the best player in the game, but at the same time, if you were to compare the number of All-star game appearances, World Series appearances/rings, gold gloves, and a slew of other statistics, that this poll is the only time you will find Jeter and Beltran's names in that close proximity.


Matt 9:24 PM  

Sever, leave the baseball talk to Vinnie and I.

All Star Games: A stupid fan-based popularity contest. Don't trust anything the fans get to vote on.

Gold Gloves: Ugh, a stupid award that really doesn't tell you about a player's defense. Actually, Beltran's defense is a lot better than Jeter's, despite all the hype you hear about Jeter's glove.

World Series Appearances: Carlos Beltran came up with the Royals. He played for the Astros and almost single handedly got them to the World Series in 2004. He played for a shitty Mets team last year. Don't compare apples to oranges, fella.

Not saying that Beltran isn't overrated (the hype he got after 2004 was out of hand), but come on. Gimme a break, son. Check your facts.

Nathan 10:30 PM  

The question is not who's a better player. The question is who is a more overrated player. Beltran got a lot of hype during one off-season, but does not quite receive the celebrity status of Jeter. Jeter's fame to deserved fame ratio is higher than Beltran's, even though Jeter deserves more fame...and by the way, Johnny Damon is more overrated than Jeter and Beltran combined.

Vinnie 1:38 AM  

Years in the league (prior to this one):


Years with the Royals:


Years with the Yankees (you see where this is going):


Yeah, Bechtel pretty much hit it square. I obviously love stats, but you probably couldn't have picked three worse ones to prove your point. Except maybe career cycles, All-Star Game MVPs, and HBPs.

Vinnie 2:21 AM  

And yes, I realize that my comment completely ignores the more relevant point brought up by Nate (that the question isn't about "who's better"). I don't care; I was egged on.

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