Jim Rome Just Said Something Incredibly Boorish and Big-Headed, Even by Jim Rome Standards

>> Wednesday

And for the record, I was only watching Rome is Burning on accident. Right.

In regard to a Sporst Illustrated player poll that named Derek Jeter the most overrated player in baseball, Rome accused the players polled of being jealous, petty third-graders. He backed this by listing every award Jeter has ever won, touted his ability to "clutch up," and yes, even called him a "gamer."

He wrapped up the rant by saying something to the effect of, "Hey all you MLB players that voted Jeter the most overrated player--you were voted most petty players in baseball. By a panel of one. Me."

My, what an un-flawed thinking pattern.


Matt Zuchowski 6:21 PM  

Well, first let me make it clear I'd rather have my nuts cut off than defend Jim Rome. However, Derek is not overrated, and deserves all the acclaim for being a clutch player. Let me remind you, he led a team to 4 world championship playing next to Scott Brosius and Luis Sojo and featured only no sure Hall of Fame position players. No, he does not put up A-Rod like stats, but as baseball genius Hawk Harrelson states-Don't tell me what you hit, tell me when you hit it. And Jeter is more clutch than Red Vines and Mr. Pibb.

Matt 6:32 PM  

"And Jeter is more clutch than Red Vines and Mr. Pibb."

You're insane.

And, come here so I can cut your nuts off, because you're defending Derek Jeter and Jim Rome at the same time.

I assumed you used "Clutch Percentage" to form this argument, right Zuch? I don't know where you found that stat, so forward me the page where you found it.

Matt 6:33 PM  

Haha, it also just came to my attention that Vinnie misspelled Sports as Sporst in the original article. I love Sporst Illustrated.

Nathan 8:46 PM  

Don't even start to give me this clutch player shit. First off, it's a bogus stat. But if you're really all that interested, let's take a look at some REAL stats, shall we?

Derek Jeter 2004:
BA - .292 BA/RISP - .281
BA/RISP w/2 outs - .293

Derek Jeter 2005:
BA - .308 BA/RISP - .261
BA/RISP w/2 outs - .250

Derek Jeter 2006:
BA - .396 BA/RISP - .345
BA/RISP w/2 outs - .417

In case you didn't notice, the past three years Jeter has been consistently WORSE with runners in scoring position. (I know his RISP w/2 outs is higher than his BA this year, but it is early and he's not going to keep either one of those numbers up, so wait a while to call that one) All of this doesn't really contribute to your "clutch" argument. But maybe his "clutchness" only comes out on the biggest stages...oh wait, he has never had more than 2 RBIs in any World Series...the ENTIRE SERIES. All three of his career World Series home runs were solo shots. His career batting average in the World Series is .302, impressive, but not worthy of being called the greatest clutch hitter of all time.

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