Hater post... because Mike encouraged me

>> Saturday

Mike and I are G-Chatting while watching Gameday on ESPN. Because I'm lazy, I'll do a copy and paste:

Michael: oh man
this should be YCS gold
the college gameday crew is going to come back from break an "try to define 'toughness'"

me: yeah, i'm watching this

Michael: i loved bobby knight's commentary earlier
"i never thought id get out of this building alive...i needed digger to protect me three different times...the hell with green."

me: even better they just screwed up, came back from commercial too early and got cut off
love it
i have the volume on sorta low, and about three different times when they said Digger, i swore i heard "n****r"

[The analysts pick guys in college hoops that are "tough." Hubert picks Tyler Hansborough and Blake Griffin. Jay picks Stephen Curry.]

me: i love how hubert's two guys who are "tough" also happen to be like the two best players in college bball
and jay's being the third best
nice sign: "luke eats huskies for breakfast"

Michael: (forehead smack)

me: i guess he's mongolian now

[Out of nowhere, the Harlem Globetrotters appear on screen to preview an upcoming segment as they go to break.]

Michael: harlem globetrotters? WTF?
me: hahaha yes!
just because i love that music

[After commercial, the crew segways to a piece about the death of Kay Yow.]

Michael: ah, the obligatory human interest piece dovetails nicely with the "ok, the segment we just had was completely irrelevant. because 'toughness' on a basketball court can't hold a candle to a cancer battle."

me: of course
psh, big deal
breast cancer
pretty much every woman gets that

Michael: did she have cancer cancer or just cancer?

me: if she was so tough she'd have survived

[The screaming student section has gone silent as they've done the Kay Yow segment.]

Michael: man guys, way to suck the wind out of the building

me: hahaha, no foolin

Michael: i want to hear the nd band play "every time we touch" like the last time i went to the JACC
something inherently hilarious about a techno song sung by a german vixen being played on a tuba by a fat kid from renssallear

me: i also like the sign "Thabeet can't spell ESPN"
typical ND elitist / borderline racist slam

Michael: i also liked the thoroughly unoriginal sign "what was the price of the laptops?"
what a timely slam
got any hanging chad or judge ito signs too?

me: yeah, what the hell
a) we covered that one better than they ever could [refering to cardboard laptops with Marcus Williams's mugshot on the screen, crafted by friend-of-YCS Mach for the Marquette student section during our 2006 battle with then-#2 UConn] , b) i don't think they would have any remaining players from that team, and c) that guy's a fuckwad

Michael: yea no kidding. that was 3 years ago. anyone from that team 3 years ago, have either graduated or gone to the NBA.

[Harlem Globetrotters segment begins.]

sweet georgia brown!

me: i wish this music just followed me around all day

me: i would probably do everything with a lot more flair and style
do little 360 twirls before i put stuff on people's desks at work
flip my kitchen utensils in the air while i'm cooking and catch them with my toes
'twould be badass

Michael: i dare digger to pick either uconn or mu

[Digger submits his pick of Notre Dame, citing some rubbish about Harngody playing big or something.]

me: digger shocks the world
picks ND

Michael: that almost reads like an onion headline
digger shocks world, picks ND to win at home when ND hosts college gameday

...Here you go, Mike:


Matt 12:48 PM  

It's almost as boring as if I had been there when you two were actually having this GChat conversation! Awesome!


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