Want to recreate (sort of) an All-Star team from 2002 for peanuts?

>> Monday

So let's say you're a cash-strapped MLB owner with zero talent on your roster and no tradeable assets in your minor league system (the Nats?). Or you're an enterprising, spend-happy independent league owner looking to undercut interest in the local MLB team during a recession when the price of big-name talent is deflated and baseball fans are seeking a cheaper way to spend their live sports dollar. You know that your on-field product won't get people through the gates (because let's face it--Who really wants to watch independent league ball, much less the Nationals?) is to sign a bunch of big names with diminishing or mostly diminished skills?

Well, if this impossibly narrow description somehow fits you, now is definitely your chance. A lot of former All-Stars--some future Hall of Famers--are sitting on the free agent market this winter, looking for employment but drawing little interest, due in part to the poor economy. For many, it could mean forced retirement. But it doesn't have to be that way. Check out this 25-man roster that you could currently have on the cheap:

Starting lineup:
C - Ivan Rodriguez
1B - Richie Sexson
2B - Jeff Kent
3B - Nomar Garciaparra
SS - Omar Vizquel
OF - Ken Griffey Jr.
OF - Jim Edmonds
OF - Andruw Jones
DH - Frank Thomas

Garret Anderson
Sean Casey
Luis Gonzalez
Ray Durham
Rich Aurilia

Starting rotation:
Roger Clemens
Curt Schilling
Pedro Martinez
Mark Mulder
Kenny Rogers

Eric Gagne
Keith Foulke
Tom Gordon
Eddie Guardado
Brendan Donnelly
Jason Isringhausen

I mean, seriously--how much worse could that team be than last year's 61-win, $117mill Seattle Mariners? This team would be cheaper and have way more name recognition.

So, Dan Snyder--can I interest you in a baseball team?


Matt 12:48 PM  

This team could also potentially place all 25 players on the DL at some point during the season.

Anonymous,  8:11 PM  

Vinnie you gotta help me. After blowing "Daddy-daughter day" due to my selfish ways, my daughter Lisa no longer loves me. But for some inexplicable reason she will start loving me again if I can correctly pick the Super Bowl. I need one more lock of the week from you.

Vinnie 12:27 AM  

I'm a sucker for a good sob story. You've convinced me.

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